Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rebs Charging (15mm)

Moving along with my ACW project with some rebels charging home. I'm pleased I've managed to keep focused for so long that I've actually made very good progress. Actually I have quite a few units waiting to be posted that are already finished which is nice.

The figures are again Old Glory 15's and the flags again from the superb GMB designs. Hopefully the 28mm fans out there are not getting bored of the 15mm posts, but fear not I do have some 28mm figures on my desk as I write.:-)

In the mail today I received a gift that I won in  Jonathan Freitag  blog give away yesterday! I highly recommend visiting his blog in the link given. His blog is full of nice miniatures and a great variety in periods and scales and in addition if you like graphs on the hobby then you will absolutely love his blog!:-)

Jonathan sent me Henry Hyde's Wargaming Compendium and what a tomb of a book it is! It's packed full of wargaming goodness that I can't wait to sink my teeth into! Thank you very much Jonathan!!:-)

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company-Old Glory 15's

Friday, July 17, 2015

Union Commanders (15mm)

Continuing on with my 15mm ACW revamp project in the form of some commanders for the union as it's hard to play an army without them. Two are divisional/brigade and four are brigade/regimental depending on the scenario. I think the commander on the white horse is Reynolds and the others I'm not exactly sure as I took the tabs off a very long time ago.

We have been playing some games with Piquet's FoB2 and have been having a great time! I have some pictures of the games, but I'm not satisfied with them as I feel the terrain needs more work. Mainly it's the woods as I need to get proper basing for them as currently it just looks like a scattering of individual trees and not convincing wooded areas and it drives me nuts if my terrain does not give the impression I want. Once I get that situation fixed then I'll release pictures of the games.

It seems lately that I'm getting more goal orientated in terms of my projects which is a good thing in my books. Normally I suffer badly from the butterfly effect always wanting to start new things, but now I find myself wanting to get more of my current projects up to playable levels for two sides like 15mm Crusades, WWII and ACW, and 28mm Late Romans/Germanics, Reconquista, Fallshirmjäger, ACW, AWI plus more. Now I know that sounds like a lot of projects and it is, however they are all projects I've been working on for some time and not new ones which is the important factor. I really hope that stays that way long enough to get a few to the goals I want! I'm pretty close on a couple. Is age finally giving me some discipline and wisdom......probably not, but one can always hope!:-)

Also I added a Market page to the top of the blog when I have something to sell or trade. Currently have some 15mm Legio Heroica Feudal/Teutonic looking to trade for 15mm Legio Heroica Crusades.

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Miniature Company- Old Glory 15's

Friday, July 10, 2015

Confederates (15mm)

Continuing on with my 15 ACW revamp project. Well I know I said I'll first finish showing all the union I have finished, but decided I would prefer to mix it up a bit and will be showing both.

When painting confederates I really like to to dive into the ragged mixed uniform look and give quite a bit a variety. However this does come at cost in terms of painting time and at least doubles it if not more when compared to painting union. However since I trade off back and forth between the two sides it gives me chance to have a break between them. The colours used are a mix of Foundry the first unit in front and Howard Hues the back two. The Foundry are darker shades and the Howard Hues are a bit brighter mixed with strong tone washes. I like them both and will mix them up in all my units. Flags are from the excellent GMB designs.

Lots more on the way soon!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Old Glory 15's

Monday, July 6, 2015

Union Artillery (15mm)

It's been really hot lately plus a busy life has interfered with my posting and commenting, but I hope to get back on track now that all of this looks to improve. The good thing is I have plenty of units waiting for photo's and posting so at least that's not an issue.

Continuing on with my Union army in the form of some artillery which is a mix of guns from rifles to smooth bores of various calibres. The guys were fun to paint, but let's face it artillery pieces themselves are bit of a pain so I was happy when finished.

For those of you wondering where the rebels are they will be coming soon and in fact I already have several regiments finished, but I first want get the union forces I've completed up first before moving on to the confederates.

If anyone is curious where my 28mm material is gone then no need to worry as I'm working on that as well and have things to post, but first want to get through posting some of 15mm ACW material.

Also of note we have playing Piquet Field of Battle2 within our group to run our ACW/SYW games and it's been a smashing success! Even Nick who is a skirmish player by and large likes the rules and is even considering collecting Franco/Prussian war to fight with these rules. It's highly likely these will become our Horse and Musket/Black Powder standard rule set.

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Miniature Company-Old Glory 15's