Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This is my first Japanese WWII figure and it's made by the Assault Group(TAG) and they are quite some nice figures and paint up very nicely.I plan to use them for Iron Ivans "Red Sun,Red Death" rule set.

Helen(Tank Girl) got me interested in starting these guys with her wonderful Japanese.I really liked how she did them and so I used quite a few of her tips on uniforms(Thanks Helen!)and added a few things of my own.Just like Helen I prefer the Southern Theater of operations in the Pacific like New Guinea,Burma, Philippines, Singapore and similar places then the small islands campaigns which will result in my Japanese tending to include quite a bit of greenish tones and such.
First up is a Japanese scout armed with a Japanese made sub Machine gun the Typ 100.He has green pants and a khaki green shirt with some leaf camouflagelage added .I plan on working on various tones of khakiand green to give different looks as I believe they may have presented this appearance.
Miniature Company-The Assault Group