Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eagles on the move

Now that I worked out the camo schemes for my Fallschirmjäger I now opted for a group shot.This represents half of my first squad with the other half still in production.
Here the obergefreiter(corporal) is overseeing the placement of the squads MG 42 .The scene is taking place somewhere in Normandy.

Corporal in Splittermuster(Splinter Pattern) & Sumpfmuster(Marsh Pattern) camouflage.

MG 42 Gunner in Sumpfmuster 43'(Marsh Pattern)

Assitant MG 42 gunner in Sumpfmuster 44'(Marsh/Water pattern)

Jäger in Splttermuster(Splinter Pattern)
More is discussed on previous posts regarding each Jägers uniform for those interested.I'm currently working on the second half of the squad add will posts results when completed.I hope some of you are enjoying this project and thanks for viewing.:-)
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Fallschirmjäger test figure #4 in Sumpfmuster 43'(Marsh Pattern) & Splittermuster(Splinter Pattern)

This will be my last test figure and then I'll move on to painting them in small groups.Just a reminder that these test patterns are not to decide which pattern I'll be using,because I'll be using them all,but rather it it designed to see if the patterns and colors are working and that they look the part.
This Fallschirmjäger is wearing a Splinttermuster(Splinter Pattern) top and Sumpfmuster 43'(Marsh Pattern) trousers that also became more popular as the war progressed,but of course the Field Grey trousers remained the most wide spread throughout the war.Another feature is the Luftwaffe blue helmet that was used early in the war and was largely replaced by painted on field gray and camouflaged covers in the splinter pattern,but this veteran has continued to use the Luftwaffe blue variant.Eagles were also on the helmets for a short period at the beginning of the war,but were replaced with the eagle off and by the time of Normandy they really wouldn't be present and so I didn't add one.I also added a bit of weathering damage to the helmets and I hope it looks right.
He is also carrying the MP40 machine pistol(machine gun) that was a popular weapon carried by the Fallschirmjäger as it suited their role as close assault troops.
On to more Jeägers!
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