Friday, July 17, 2015

Union Commanders (15mm)

Continuing on with my 15mm ACW revamp project in the form of some commanders for the union as it's hard to play an army without them. Two are divisional/brigade and four are brigade/regimental depending on the scenario. I think the commander on the white horse is Reynolds and the others I'm not exactly sure as I took the tabs off a very long time ago.

We have been playing some games with Piquet's FoB2 and have been having a great time! I have some pictures of the games, but I'm not satisfied with them as I feel the terrain needs more work. Mainly it's the woods as I need to get proper basing for them as currently it just looks like a scattering of individual trees and not convincing wooded areas and it drives me nuts if my terrain does not give the impression I want. Once I get that situation fixed then I'll release pictures of the games.

It seems lately that I'm getting more goal orientated in terms of my projects which is a good thing in my books. Normally I suffer badly from the butterfly effect always wanting to start new things, but now I find myself wanting to get more of my current projects up to playable levels for two sides like 15mm Crusades, WWII and ACW, and 28mm Late Romans/Germanics, Reconquista, Fallshirmjäger, ACW, AWI plus more. Now I know that sounds like a lot of projects and it is, however they are all projects I've been working on for some time and not new ones which is the important factor. I really hope that stays that way long enough to get a few to the goals I want! I'm pretty close on a couple. Is age finally giving me some discipline and wisdom......probably not, but one can always hope!:-)

Also I added a Market page to the top of the blog when I have something to sell or trade. Currently have some 15mm Legio Heroica Feudal/Teutonic looking to trade for 15mm Legio Heroica Crusades.

Thanks for viewing!:-)
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