Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A lovely holiday in Scotland!

The amazing Eilean Donan castle.

Well actually I've been back for several weeks or so, but I've been quite busy with work leaving me a bit tired for postings and commenting plus I just wanted to relax, paint, and catch up on some Netflix. However, I'm now ready to get back in the swing of things and I will over the next few days do my best to catch up on what everyone has been doing on their blogs and do a few more posts of my own. Scotland was fantastic and we enjoyed ourselves very much! Truly stunning landscapes that had us snapping pictures left and right and the people were so very kind. I would have liked to meet up with some of the follow wargamers who live in Scotland, but with the family and so much to see and do I really had no chance to even attempt this. However, we will for sure visit Scotland again as we so enjoyed the experience and this time I'll make sure to meet up with as many wargamers as possible.

No question this visit has really perked my interest in Scotland's history and has me thinking of going back to my Montrose army or even starting a new period with Claymore Castings excellent range, but I'll need to think it over as I already have several projects on the go and I don't want these to fall at the wayside.... ahhh decisions.......

We took a lot of pictures, but this post would be become ridiculously long if I filled it with all the ones I liked so I'll limit it to just a few highlights.

Looking at one of the lovely Loch's from inside Eilean Donan castle.
Culloden Battlefield is beautiful and a bit eerie. I highly recommend a visit as the visitor centre and  battlefield are very well done.
My daughter enjoying the fantastic Tattoo Military parade
To hear all those bagpipes playing at once was a moving experience.
The impressive Edinburgh castle with Tattoo parade set up next to it.

A panoramic view of Edinburgh from Edinburgh Castle

A typical lovely view of many places in Scotland
Aboard the majestic Royal Yacht Britannia

Inside the ruins of Urquhart Castle overlooking Loch Ness.
A perfect picture of Scotland imho with my daughter next to a gentlemen bagpiper in Urquhart Castle with Loch Ness in the background and rolling mountains completing the picture.:-)

Stopping to enjoy yet another beautiful view.
Come here daddy I need a hand rest.
Stunning isn't it.
My better half very happy with what she is seeing.
The very cool Stalker Castle.
Always wanted to see a Claymore up close and now I have. I can well understand why it has a fearsome reputation. Interesting thing is they labelled the Claymore simply as "Two handed weapon" and called the basket hilted broadswords "Claymore's"? I assume this was a overlooked mistake or am I wrong? 
Had to have a picture with Robert the Bruce of course, but as you can see my daughter is less interested.
My daughter getting into the spirit of things at the Bannockburn Visitor Centre. I was a bit surprised to find out the actual battlefield is still a mystery and a matter of debate.
Old Stirling bridge near the original Stirling Bridge which is actually underwater.
Wallace Monument.
Game of golf anyone?
From one of the several wildlife parks we visited.
Yep, it really is that pretty.
Approaching Dunstaffnage Castle.
Inside Dunstaffnage Castle ruins.

Enjoying a boat ride while viewing a map.

On top of a boat having fun!

One of the many Loch's and all are lovely to one degree or another.
Couldn't resist adding another picture of Eilean Donan castle.:-)