Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Parthians a focused Impetus supplement from Jim Webster

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The Parthians; historical background – army lists – campaign game

The Parthians

Publisher: Jim Webster

The purpose of this guide is two-fold. On one hand, it is to give the interested wargamer a guide to the Parthian armies and those of their enemies, and to put the armies in a historical context. For many people, the Parthians are a vague presence on the eastern edge of the world. As this guide shows, they were really a bridge between civilizations, linking Rome with India, acting as a barrier to nomadic tribes moving westwards, and even having some contact with China.
The second purpose is to offer up some army lists (designed to fit with Impetus rules, but easy to follow, and equally easily converted for other wargames rules) to help those wargamers who use Impetus, and who want to field the armies described in the guide. The idea is that the lists will enable you to produce an army which is reasonably authentic, and as much as possible has some of the strengths and weaknesses of the original.
The third purpose is to provide a simple campaign to help players use their armies within their historical context.

Price: $6.12 USD
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I've downloaded it and it's great! It does have Lorenzo's(Impetus author's) support for anyone concerned about the lists being "legal". Jim said he would do more if enough interest is shown. He already hinted at having some Pyrrhus material in the works and you already know that has my ears perked up!  For 5€ it's a bargain so pick yourself up a copy and support Jim and the Impetus game.