Thursday, October 19, 2017

More ECW English for Baraque

The blues are here!
Just completed the upgrade renovations(skin, wood, straps,stocks, flags, basing etc.) on 4 new English regiments ready to go of my ECW project I acquired and talked about last post here. Also, added some more work to the uniforms here and there to round things out. This will bring my English up to 11 regiments of foot.  Again some rather quick pics, but I feel they turned out a bit better then the last sets.

Darker Blues

They are flying Rupert's royalist colors, but honestly I'll use them as needed depending on the game as other then the flags many units looked very similar from both sides up until the New model army arrived to give more distinction.

Lighter Blues

I'm really hoping to have the ECW renovations finished before the year is out as I'm pretty eager to try the game out. Some plastic Warlord got in the mix this time, but admit I really do prefer the metals of the others!

I have noticed several people coming back to the blogs which is nice!

I'll be moving on to the Scots foot blocks of units so get ready for some hodden gray and blue folks!:-My second post in a month I must be on a roll!:-)

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Bicorne, Renegade, TAG, Warlord