Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's here!

Regimental Fire and Fury just arrived in the post today shown below. Wow !! The book looks just fantastic and I'm more then pleased.

Looks to have nice rule adjustments as well and the eye candy is wonderful. After looking at the army size requirements I've realized I'll need to stay at 15mm to play this still as the both the army sizes and board sizes needed are beyond my ability at 28mm for this rule set. No worries as I have plenty of 15 ACW. It's all Old Glory and needs some touch ups (as I did all this many, many years ago) and re-basing to a standard size of 3 per base instead of the 3-5 I did earlier which makes aligning difficult. I'm inspired folks!
For 28mm ACW I'll use Guns at Gettysburg rule set as that's seems more prudent.;-)
Airborne remains my top focus, but in between drying times and project completion I'll start re-working my 15mm ACW and then later down the road start up the 28mm ACW.