Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bunker Hill

This is some militia I used of mine for an advert of Bunker Hill.A couple friends and myself plan on hosting a demo game of Bunker Hill for a large event here called TACTICA.The Standard was intended for another militia company I'm doing that was inspired by the troops at Bunker Hill and that explains the difference in color from the actual.It is amusing that we actually are going to do Bunker Hill and now the standard I put on the unit will be very appropriate if not completely accurate.
Miniature Company:Perry and Wargames Foundry.


  1. Great looking scenes you've set up there. Miniatures and terrain look great together. The "earth" doesn't look too highlighted, which is usually the case with many bases, and that gives it a nice wet, muddy look.
    Looking forward to seeing how this will tie in with the rest of the table.

  2. Thank you.Well this small redoubt is mainly for the advert and the actual redoubt will be larger.As of now I won't be building the redoubt for the up coming game as one of my colleagues is doing that.I think his tone is a bit lighter then mine.I will say as is obvious in most my miniatures in that I prefer dark bases.I'll be sure to post pictures of our table.:-)

  3. Hi Axe, great looking Blog, good photos of the redoubt. I will join your Blog, when the 'Followers' thing comes back..mine has gone down too. :-(

  4. Thanks,I'm glad your interested.See you in the blogs.:-)

  5. Thank you.I'm glad you like them.Keep up the nice writing on your blog.:-)

  6. I´m really looking forward to meet you at the tactica and see your AWI stuff in flesh!



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