Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Goth Warlord

Finally got some figures off the table for the annual Analogue Hobbies Painting challenge here which began in December where it seems time has just flew by with this and that. The challenge is to paint whatever figures you want with each figure worth a certain amount of points based on scale and then attempt to amass as many as you can. In the challenge Curt holds special bonus round challenges with various  themes about every two weeks in the challenge itself. I usually skip the fortnight challenges as they often would cause me to get off track of current projects which I already have great difficulties maintaining, but this year the stars and moons aligned and it seems some fall in the sphere of things I'm doing including this one.

The theme in this round is "Armour" and I figured that I could take the liberty and present a Goth warlord and his standard bearer in chainmail and scale barding which in effect is classed as armour in ancient terms and in this period was a form of tank.

The figures themselves are made to represent a Goth Warlord or leader and his standard bearer which could be used to represent many different Germanic factions. They are a bit Romanized so you could represent them as Foederati in the service of the Romans or an allied Germanic tribe gifted with equipment or of course one of the many Germanic tribes with either captured Roman equipment or copied.

I based the figures on oval bases which I enjoy for cavalry bases as I find the shape very pleasing on the eye and using a round base constructed a sabot base for the figures so they could multi task for SAGA, Impetus, Leader markers etc.

The figures are from the lovely Footsore miniature range which I consider to be some of the finest Dark Age figures on the market and a real treat to paint up. I painted the figures using mostly Foundry colors and some Vallejo. The Shields are LBM which I gave a dusting up from my trusty MIG pigments to include the stones.

I've recently purchased a new camera and fumbling my through it, but so far I'm happy with it for lighted set up shots and it sure does hold the charge a lot longer then my old one which is great!

Miniature Company- Footsore Miniatures
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