Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Anti-Aircraft Artillery (self propelled) Platoon

Adding to my 15mm FOW American Tank Company is an Anti-Aircraft Artillery (self propelled) Platoon consisting of 2 M15 CGMC and 2 M16 CGMC halftracks. In the new version of FOW air power is positively deadly and if your running a tank company you really must have air protection or you run the risk of being wiped out. I prefer the older air power version as I feel new version is to powerful, but others complain the older was too weak so I suppose getting the perfect balance isn't that easy.

I did the vehicles with some battle damage and had some fun with the weathering which is my favourite part in painting vehicles. I lost two crew members for the guns and looked all over, but cannot find them(Grrr). I'll just consider the platoon short staffed waiting on replacements.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Battlefront

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Armored Field Artillery Battery and Analogue Painting Challenge

That's right it's that time of year again for Curt's here Analogue painting challenge which is becoming a traditional annual event in the wargaming blogging community and something I always look forward to. Curt in his wisdom has now even devoted a blog to it here.

This year I will be be doing the challenge "old school" style which is to say I will not be participating in the painting themed challenge rounds which give bonus points for entering and will instead only receive points for each model painted. The themed challenge rounds are more or less a loose painting competition which is not to say that is a bad thing at all and is in fact an enjoyable part to view, but for me the Analogue Painting Challenge is to get figures painted for my armies which leaves me little time for distractions like the bonus themed rounds although I will cheer them on.:-) With all my points being "hard points" I'm very curious to see if I can make my goal of 500pts.....I hear some murmurings of "when pigs fly"....

Ok now some comments on the photo's. This is my latest edition to my long..long.. time FOW US Tank Company that was originally supposed to be something quickly done and on the table so I would have something to do while I painted up Airborne. Well....that's still the plan just taking much longer then I thought!!

Anyhow the unit is an Armored Field Artillery Battery consisting of 3 M7 Priests , 2 M2 Halftracks and M4 Sherman Spotter tank. The command and staff can also be on foot, but I've chosen to have them mounted and see how that goes. I eventually plan on increasing the size of the unit, but for now this will do just fine. I'm never completely sure of myself when painting vehicles and always feel out of my comfort zone, but I do enjoy weathering vehicles!:-)

As to what's next I think it will be more stuff for my tank company, but that can always change as I'm ruled by mood in what I do and am never sure what exactly I'll do next.

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Battlefront