Friday, September 11, 2009

Dismounted Norman Knights

Here are some more Normans from my picture files.Again,like I will do with this entire army I'm using the quicker black shade method as described under Norman knights.These knights decided to fight dismounted which was uncommon for Norman knights but did happen.Next up are some Norman heavy infantry.
Miniature Company:Old Glory

Norman Knights

Here are some Norman knights led by a converted William the Conqueror and Bishop Otto.It's perhaps a little more colorful then many Norman armies with the banners,but I like the extra color.I tried out using a different painting method to speed things up a bit.However,it really only works at 15mm and I wouldn't recommend it for 25mm and up.
The method is called black shading and it is where you just paint the raised areas and leave the folds and crevices in the base undercoat of black.From tabletop height it looks pretty good,but doesn't stand up to close inspection.I think it strikes a nice balance between looks and getting an army on the table in a pretty quick time.
This method should only be used to get armies on the table and not for display.This is fine because it allows me to focus my painting on my 25/28mm stuff that is worth the effort and at the same time I'm able to get some things done in the smaller scales.
I plan on using this army for DBA/DBMM and also for some Fields of Glory.
Of course these are also back logged pictures.
Miniature Company:Old Glory 15's