Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Militia Skirmishers #1

Looking to build some forces for AWI Sharp Practice 2. I already have plenty of units based up in formations, but didn't have any single based figures for the skirmish elements or officers on foot. This represents my first set of 6 militia men and an officer(red sash).

I plan on trying out the Sharp Practice supplement The Swamp Fox which takes place in the southern theater. It follows the exploits of Francis Marion "The Swamp Fox" and his efforts to fight the British after the defeat of  of the Americans at Camden until the American army could regroup and reform. This will require quite a bit of militia for both rebels and loyalists so I will need to do some more line units in addition to the skirmishers and cavalry.

AWI has always fascinated me so it's really not a surprise that I decided to play Sharp Practice 2 in addition to Black Powder and British Grenadier for this period. I haven't tried FOB2 with it yet but I plan on doing that as well at some point. The period has a certain atmosphere to it that no other does and I honestly can't exactly say why other then it just does.

The AWI period really does give you a huge diversity of troops types from rebel militia to loyalist militia ,state and regular troops, cavalry, Indians, artillery, Grenadiers, light infantry, riflemen, mercenaries etc involving  Americans, British, Germans and French, Spanish plus more fighting from Canada onto virtually the entire east coast of the US all the way down to the Bahamas and crossing over to Europe! The amount of modeling and army building for this period is staggering imho.

These figures are a mix of Perry and Foundry miniatures. The foundry figures(also by the Perry twins) were given an extra coin to bring them up to the same height as the Perry figures. I have a love/hate relationship with Perry figures as the casting makes cleaning and painting them a right pain in the backside, but once finished they really do look very nice and have excellent proportions.

The figures were painted using mostly Foundry colors with some Vallejo and MIG pigments to round everything off. I already have the second group of militia finished and just waiting on their photography session so stay tuned.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Perry, Foundry