Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Johnathan Tinsdale (Chaos in Cairo Character)

Johnathan Tinsdale
Status-Senior Party Professor(Stone Expedition)
Date of Birth-1864
Current Year-1926

Professor Tinsdale of Cambridge University is a Brilliant teacher and scholar of Archaeology with a specialisation in Egyptology and archaic languages who has authored several acclaimed works and is considered amongst the best in the field world wide.About the only thing that rivals his love for the past is his daughter Elizabeth herself a professor and an up and coming scholar of some repute in Egyptian mythology and language.

There is a hitch though in that he is also considered to be a few marbles short of a bag,but we will politely say he is a known eccentric.The reason is because he tends to wander off in thought in the middle of lessons deep in thought leaving the class waiting minutes or even the entire class period for him to continue and as of late has even begun talking too himself to include asking and answering questions out loud which has given the board of professors much concern indeed.

If the professor's mental state can be called into question his physical condition cannot.For a man of his age,he is a remarkably fit at 62 years old who could easily keep pace with any reasonably fit 40 year old man even though he likes walking around with a cane that isn't needed at all.He also happens to be a very good shot through his trials as a young British officer in the Anglo-Egyptian War where he was wounded twice and received honours.However,this is a subject the Professor doesn't much like to discuss and will happily turn the conversation to what he does....all things related to past civilizations.

Recently Professor Tinsdale published a book on ancient writing that supported the belief of long dead Egyptian Pharaohs would once again walk this earth and that secret cults were set on taking advantage of powerful relics to seek control of regional governments.Professor Tinsdale took the view that these things are true and felt a warning needed to voiced and these activities to be promptly and thoroughly investigated.

Well,with the professor's strange behaviour and now the release of this book was really all too much for the Cambridge board of Professors and Professor Tinsdale was politely,but firmly asked to take a paid indefinite leave.However,out of respect for his standings the board publicly announced Professor Tinsdale was taking a leave of absence for specialized study on a new source book and to their regret they must let him pursue this goal.

Professor Tinsdale is not a bitter man nor one to sit on his laurels and so took the extra time to research his favorite topic that being the location of Ramses the great.Through research,guess work and study Professor Tinsdale believes he knows the location,but understands he cannot do it by himself and thus contacted his old friend Jack Stone who he met while on a dig.Jack was more then happy and said he would get things started and organize the expedition.

Jack is fortuitously already in Cairo exactly where the professor needs to go and so books a ticket on the next liner to Cairo accompanied by his daughter Elizabeth who is also keen on finding this tomb.While travelling they noticed or believe they noticed shadowy individuals following them.This has continued even after meeting Jack where they are all waiting on the arrival of their sponsor.

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