Friday, November 12, 2010

El Cid

Coming soon..a friend and myself will be playing armies for WAB2 using this Supplement.I've been wanting to play the period for years,but the timing was never there,but now I've finally ordered my Christian army and just waiting for it to get here to start building and painting.My friend is collecting Andalusians.
It's going to be an all mounted force that is mercenary in nature where at times it found itself employed by Muslim Taifa Kings ,but more often then not in the employ of the Christian kingdom of Aragon between the years 1090(King Pedro) and 1135(Alfonso I) covering both El Cid's period and the early Reconquista under Alfonso I "The battler".The time line,personalties and armies involved,plus the look is my favourite for this period.
The General is Christian by nature and for using the lists in the book,but after that it's going to have a real mix of Christian and Moorish cultures in appearance to reflect their various masters over the years.It will start off with the various Caballeros and Jinetes and I'll add some military orders to the list when playing the Christians during Alfonso's period.
I'll be using various miniature company's together to include Conquest Games,Artizan,Perry ,Crusader and perhaps some Gripping Beast as well.
When this is finished I'll do a Almoravid army using largely Artizan and Gripping Beasts fantastic Moorish collections.
If your asking how I'll ever finish all painter or the normal method and just not painting the damn eyes!