Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marauder Minataur Lord

Putting up another mini I did before he disappears from my collection.

BTW if anyone looking to buy these Beastmen miniatures I've posted plus a few others then check out this link in the Lead Adventures Forum bazaar.

Even if your not interested in my offer, you should visit the site as it's very nice!!
Miniature Company-Marauder Miniatures

Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Beastmen I did in the past

Well, these guys have been some excellent dust collectors for some time and I thought it was time to put them up on the actioning block. However, I did put some work into them at one point and thought it would be a shame not to keep a memory of them and so I'm posting them here. I hope some of you like them.

                                                        Marauder Dragon Ogre




Miniature Company-Marauder and Citadel GW Miniatures

Friday, March 18, 2011

US Airborne Squad 1

This is my first squad for my US Airborne Disposable Heroes project. They are Artizan miniatures and very fun to paint as is the case with all Artizan miniatures.
The goal was to get a platoon painted up and playing in a short time and so I used army painter. However, please remember I added a couple of highlights to these and so they are in effect fully painted miniatures.I skipped adding any identifying patches as that would add quite a bit of time to the painting process.
I went with the early paratroop uniform that was used right up to D-Day as I like the light shade and varying tones to include the patches at the joints. This was because the material was quite thin and so the para's added extra padding to the parts that wear and tear the quickest.
I'm pretty happy with the results and I hope you like them too.
Thank you as always for viewing.
Miniature Company- Artizan Designs

Sargeant with M1 Carbine and Troopers with M1 Garand's part of Rifle Section

Troopers with M1 Garand's(one will get replaced with a BAR in the future) part of Rifle Section

LGM section to include Corporal with Thomson, Trooper,LMG .30 cal gunner, Assistant Gunner

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's here!

Regimental Fire and Fury just arrived in the post today shown below. Wow !! The book looks just fantastic and I'm more then pleased.

Looks to have nice rule adjustments as well and the eye candy is wonderful. After looking at the army size requirements I've realized I'll need to stay at 15mm to play this still as the both the army sizes and board sizes needed are beyond my ability at 28mm for this rule set. No worries as I have plenty of 15 ACW. It's all Old Glory and needs some touch ups (as I did all this many, many years ago) and re-basing to a standard size of 3 per base instead of the 3-5 I did earlier which makes aligning difficult. I'm inspired folks!
For 28mm ACW I'll use Guns at Gettysburg rule set as that's seems more prudent.;-)
Airborne remains my top focus, but in between drying times and project completion I'll start re-working my 15mm ACW and then later down the road start up the 28mm ACW.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

US. Airborne project added

My friend at our club has begun late war Germans for Disposable Heroes(platoon level gaming) which has me quite excited as I've been asking him to do so. This gives me the chance to start a US Airborne platoon (Artizan miniatures) I've had my eye on for some time and have collected for. 
I'll probably paint them with army painter and highlights as they are both ready made for that type of painting method and it's quicker allowing us to game sooner.:-)
This will push back Chaos in Cairo and Fallschirmjäger to a latter date, but don't worry for those interested they will still get done at some point.
Originally I had plans to do Fallschirmjäger, but I realize they will take far longer then I first thought due to the complexity in painting them. Also, another friend I originally made plans to game Disposable Heroes with  is doing British Commando's and he is also having a difficult time in production rate which combined with me put Disposable Heroes gaming possibilities to a virtual stop. However, this has all changed since another friend joined and started Late War Germans giving me a chance to switch to Airborne for the moment thus greatly speeds things up and I expect some gaming to start within the couple months. Of course, I'll be posting my Airborne units as I finish them.:-)  
As a note we played our first zombie game yesterday and had a blast. So, I count the zombie project goal a success now that it's painted and gamed to a playable level, but as all projects the door is still open for more additions when in the mood.
As we gamers know a project is rarely ever finished, but is rather counted a success when enough is painted and games are played.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zombies # 3, 4, 5 , 6,7 & 8

I haven't posted a little bit, but I have been painting. Here are some more all purpose walking dead for our survivor's to deal with. These two zombies are my attempt at doing black skin tones after they become a zombie. As you can see the bald zombie is the exact same miniature as a previous zombie, because Hasselfree didn't have another zombie I asked for and so sent me a double. I thought his features looked equally good as a black or white zombie and decided to do one of each.

This zombie is another attempt at doing a green tone to the flesh on a bit more greener then before. I call him the Frankenstein zombie as that's what it reminds me of.

This one here is a zombie with a pale blueish tone to the skin. I still need to do more work on this as it's come out a bit too blue, but hey it's a zombie and so getting his tones right isn't exact and is flexible for the painter. Also, added a bit of weathering to his clothes as suggested by Doc for darker clothing.

Help! Police!....Wait a sec I changed my mind!
These two police officers are not Hasselfree miniatures, but rather Cold Wars. The sculpts are not as good as Hasselfree with the proportions needing some work for sure, but they do have character and the company has a large selection to choose from which is a bonus.

All in all not the best work I've of done, but I admit painting zombies isn't my thing as I like painting the survivor's. Well, that's my sorry excuse. :-)
More zombies coming at a later date.
I hope your enjoying them and thank you for viewing. :-)
Miniature Company- Hasselfree Miniatures/ Cold Wars