Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pyrrhic Royal Guard Infantry Pike

Here is proof I've been working on something during my vacation of which it took almost the whole part of it to do! It's a new project I've loosely started with my friend Mike who is collecting the Roman opposition for my Pyrrhic army. So without further ado here is my first entry for the New Year.

This is my version of a Pyrrhic Royal Guard Infantry Pike formation. The idea came to me when going through the new Osprey Successor book and I saw the Royal Guard in Purple helms which I quite liked and decided I would do unit in a purple theme. The armour is fuchsia which is a mix of pink and purple and so goes with the helm and shield I think. I kept plums and such all white to give a nice contrast to the purple. Except for the clothes I kept them uniform in appearance as I feel it gives them a more elite feel. I should also add the front rankers are deliberately more elaborate as they had the best gear in every formation.

The figures are from Aventine which I personally believe are hands down among the best you can buy for this period. The shields are from the wonderful LBM and the bases are from Warbases. The unit is based for Impetus which in addition to the game I like both the look of the bases and that they give good protection to the figures as you primarily handle the base and not the figures. Also, I can use the units for Hail Caesar which is another game I quite like.

Miniature Company- Aventine Miniatures