Sunday, April 8, 2012

Complete Analogue Hobbies challenge results

I mentioned last year joining in a winter painting competition hosted by Curt at where points were awarded for each painted miniature that ran from December 20th 2011 to March 20th 2012. Whoever amassed the most points would be declared the winner and receive the grand prize with 2nd and 3rd also getting a prize.

The final results for the points challenge were:

RayR: 4940 link
KentG: 4724 link
TimB: 3385 link
FranL: 2152link
SteveM: 2044Link?
ChrisP: 2029 link
DaveD: 1975link
MilesR: 1061link
GregB: 1019 link
JohnM: 1000link
IanW: 900 link
MikeW: 867link
Curt: 791 link
Scott: 695 link
PhilH: 519 link
JuanM: 446 link
ChristopherS: 442 Myself!
DallasE: 420 link
Michael: 315link
JohnB: 310Link?
RossM: 269link
TimmyD: 138link
Sylvain: 90link
PaulP: 34link

As you can see the top dogs scored some truly staggering point totals that left me bugged eyed in amazement!! I wonder if they are not really half machines then real human beings! The sprint to the finish between Ray and Kent was nail biting and dramatic with each slipping in final posts at the last minute with Ray just edging out Kent at the very last moment. Another highlight had to be the rivalry between Fran and Ray heckling each other throughout the competition, however it was all in good fun as in actuality they are very good friends.
Outstanding results to the top dogs and I wish to congratulate all of them on an awesome performance!

Unsurprisingly and therefore needless to say I was nowhere near the top as I paint rather slowly with what can best be described as a less then stellar point total, but thankfully Curt in his wisdom realized all men are not created equal in their ability to both paint a figure quickly and efficiently and so gave us more mortal underdogs other goals to achieve.

People's Choice Award- This is given to viewers of the competition and is open to anyone to vote. I was both honoured, humbled and of course delighted to be declared winner of this category with my 15mm Ayyubid Mamluks! They can be viewed in my side bar under 15mm Crusades if you wish.

Challengers choice- This is by the participants in the challenge for their favourite entry which was won by Dave's excellent Baverian Chevaulegers "Konig"link.

Sarah's choice- This innovative idea is given by Curts wife for a female themed historical figure which was won by Phil's Femme Fatale from the Societe Archeolgique and 1930s Gun Molllink.

Judges Choice- This is given by Curt for his personal favourite entry. Rather then just one entry Curt decided to award Juan the prize for his very nice complete body of worklink.

It was great fun and I enjoyed being part of something if not unique then at least not often done where you group a bunch of painters from all over the world and bring them together to compete in a friendly format. No question I'm really looking forward to the next one to see if I can improve on my total and once again enjoy watching what everyone does. Oh and of course watch Fran and Ray's verbal boxing match!

Well done to everyone who stepped up and competed regardless of your points and most of all a superb job to Curt for making it all possible!!