Sunday, June 19, 2022

Indian War Party


Back with some more French and Indian Wars for my Sharp Practice collection. Some of these Indians I painted before and some of them are newly painted, but I couldn't remember which so I just decided to include them all.

For Sharp Practice Indians are classified as tribal which makes sense and are 12 man units however I'm not really sure they fought the way as written in the rules(poor shots, very aggressive). I decided to split them in two units of 6 with a leader and treat them more like light infantry which means they will be aggressive at the right moment and are decent shots basically.

Indians are a challenge to paint with the extra patterns, warpaint and flesh, but when finished are some of the coolest looking figures in the collection due to the exotic warrior look combined with colonial wear so pays off in the end imho.

The figures themselves are a mixture of Galloping Major and Redoubt which work very well together making it difficult to tell which is which unless you know the ranges well. Really fine figures to work with. Painting was the usual Foundry paints, Vallejo and MIG pigments.

Still looking to get my first French and Indian war game in.....maybe this is the year as I have enough now!

Thanks for viewing!

Miniature Company- Galloping Major, Redoubt Miniatures


  1. Marvelous brushwork, Christopher! Your dark background produces a striking effect.

  2. Splendid brushwork there! Top notch!

  3. Seriously impressive painting! Thanks for sharing your work.

  4. Superb artistry as always, Christopher. The skin tones and "warpaint" are amazingly realistic.

    1. Thank you Dean I appreciate the kind words.


  5. Mightily impressive Christopher 👍

  6. Fantastic war party Christopher!

  7. Excellent aborigines! I really love the figure of the Galloping Major