Friday, May 20, 2022

Mexican Cazadores

Hello it seems I dipped out for awhile. Blogging takes more of an effort then other mediums imho so usually suffers the effects first and the longest of any mojo reduction.

I thought I would start with the last thing I did for my Texas War of Independence project with some Mexican Cazadores which are light infantry and operate much like the French Voltigures. Compared to the regular Mexican infantry which had pretty poor muskets and ammunition the Cazadores had decent muskets with some of them actually having rifled muskets making them some of the most effective infantry the Mexicans fielded. 

Painting them is also a bit different to the other line Mexicans as their uniform is a tad darker with grey pants and green/blue jackets. The figures themselves like all the Boothill miniatures are very fun to paint and I highly recommend them.

I also painted up a building to add some more terrain to the table. It's a Hovel small Spanish Church and just really fits the part. I'm a big fan of Hovel buildings as they are packed with character and are priced very nice.

I think that catches me up on my Texas War of Independence project so far, but I have some units about half painted so more to follow, however some other stuff will get posted before that I'm sure.

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Fantastic brushwork, Christopher! Great to see you back.

  2. Your painting and basing has really done these figures justice and they look great sculpts with plenty of animation. Again, your painting of the building is superb Christopher, well worth the wait.

  3. Superb painting on both the figures and church Christopher!

  4. Splendid work on those Christopher.

  5. Fine work on both the figures and the building Christopher. Your take on Hovels buildings resonates with me too.

    1. Thank you David and they really do stand the test of time.