Thursday, April 8, 2021

Roman leaders, Deployment markers for Infamy!Infamy'

The Romans will need somebody to lead them so I present Centurion Maximus Ivicus(warlord Status III leader) and his supporting optios and attached Capsarius(medic), Musician, and Vexillarius(standard bearer) plus a couple Roman Deployment markers for my growing Infamy!Infamy' collection.

I seriously doubt a Centurion would ever be caught wearing purple as that was usually reserved for the Emperor and his personal guard, but I like to take liberties to enhance a theme and this case to further distinguish him from the other leaders on the table as the man in charge.

As if giving him a purple cloak wasn't enough I mounted him on 60mm base with attached musician and standard to further establish who is running things!

However I still wanted to retain some flexibility with the command base figures to either not include in the force, place inside units or move to separate locations on the table so made my own sabot base by building up the sand around where the bases fit in....perhaps a little messy to do but works in the end.

Next up is a independent Status II leader(Junior Centurion?) with a red cloak and another leader that can either serve as Status I leader or Supra Numerum. They are intended to lead the foot Auxilliary while Maximus leads the Legionaries.

Maximus needs an Optio to keep the men in line while he's leading the force and a medic to take care of the men when they fall and help get them back in the fighting. I'm not sure what the figure drinking from the cup is supposed to be, but I decided he would make a decent looking medic taking a quick sip before getting to work.

Romans are allowed to deploy from Deployment/ Ambush markers if they are Auxiliary troops, cavalry or Allied Barbarians just like the Barbarians lists although only have 2 to the possible Barbarian 6.

Deployment/Ambush markers are probably the most fun things to make for Infamy as you can let your imaginations go a bit and in this case I decided to use some Romans with their Barbarian guides that are helping them navigate the dark forests of Germania.

The figures are mostly A6A, Wargames Foundry and I think Warlord painted using Foundry and Vallejo paints and some Mig pigments that are now called Abteilung 502 pigments I believe.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Wargames Foundry, A&A, Warlord


  1. Very nice additions Christopher. The Ambush markers are really excellent!👍

  2. Hello,

    Superb paintjob !!! As usual !!!


  3. An inspirational selection of vignettes Christopher and a lovely paintjob too :)

  4. Stunning brushwork Christopher!