Sunday, March 22, 2020

Fallschirnjäger leaders, radio, forward observer + AWI casualty markers

Last post of the challenge! I'm ending it by adding some leaders to my fallschirmjäger in form of a Leutnant and his right hand man an Unteroffizier in addition to a radio operator and a forward observer.

I'll probably end up using the radio operator as a pressed in medic for most games until I actually paint up one for it.

The figures are all Artizan which are my favorite WWII models as I like both the character and extremely painter friendly design. The colors were mostly Vallejo with some Mig pigments for the rocks and such.

When I decided to do fallschirmjäger for this challenge I knew I would struggle to meet my points goal and alas I didn't make it, but I'm not disappointed as I mostly achieved what I wanted to get finished. I still have some more left to go and would have liked to get them done as well, but I'm still content with my progress.

After fallschirmjäger I may take a crack on painting some British or move on to Germans and Americans to Italy, but I cannot just decide yet.

I also decided to add some much needed AWI casualty's for my AWI project. I already have 4 for my Americans but decided I needed at least 4 more. Later I'll add some British and Germans as well to my collection.

The figures are of course Perry miniatures which constitutes  a great deal of my AWI collection to include my entire American forces and likely the Germans and French as well in the future and my British are a mix of Perry and Front rank for those curious.

I painted these with mostly Foundry paints with some Vallajo plus the usual Mig pigments on the base.

As for keeping track of casualties I prefer to use a number system on the base where you can turn the complete base as a kind of dial if you like instead of a dice construct as I find it blends a bit more and you don't lose the dice picking it up.

Thanks for viewing!
Minature Company- Artizan, Perry