Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A period too far?

Just like Larry this happens to me all too often, but I find myself doing less impulsive buying since completing my hobby room. I know, many would be surprised at that statement given the way I jump around, but it's true. I've become more of a focused wargames butterfly then a random one. I know that's a contradiction in terms, but let me explain.
I used to see a period or rather army I liked and would simply buy it without a thought if anyone else was interested in the period that I gamed with or if I even liked the historical opponents of the army I was collecting. With a growing interest from my club in historical wargaming I've begun looking at armies asking if anyone else likes the period I'm interested in. Also I ask what they are interested in and see if that works for me as well. This has influenced my collecting quite a bit of late.
The other factor is my hobby room where I have started to put on games in it and plan to do more on a progressively more frequent basis. With this in mind I've realized when collecting a period I should collect for both sides in which I'd happily play either side so when I have guest I have an army they can use or add to their existing forces for bigger games.
I also want to be more focused on my large army projects in narrowing the periods and leave the skirmish games for multiple periods. Easier said then done I know, but I have begun to put this into effect with some success.
I'm not saying I will never collect an army again that only I like, but I for sure will think about it first before I buy it which will help me not having useless armies occupying space like for example my:

Trojans- Great looking army, but limited historical opponents which makes finding players having a Mycenaean army of their own rare and also if I built one myself finding someone to play it difficult which in the end made this not a good choice and what's even more sad is it's completely painted!

ECW- Living in Germany has made local interest virtually non-existent. If they are interested in the period it's usually the TYW which I'm not interested in!

Imperial Romans- I collected and yes painted it for a quick army starter and have discovered I just really don't like Imperial Romans and like the later ones in particular Romano British arghhh!

Early HYW English- Really like the army, but not at all interested in collecting their opponents and nobody around me wants to either.......:-(

Assyrians- Great looking army to collect, but again no interest in collecting their traditional enemies and nobody else is either. I may still paint them up, but with so many other projects that will get used makes this unlikely.

Aztecs- Not much interest around me, but I still may stubbornly do them as they are just flat out cool!

As always, focused doesn't mean one period with me as I need room to jump, but rather a narrowing of periods. As they meet the criteria of club interest and I like both sides these periods look like they will get a lot of attention from me:


I will be doing more of course, but the above look to be big on the list. I'll give a project list for the new year later as usual. Just thought I'd share some of my recent hobby thoughts.:-)


  1. I've been looking at a limited skirmish ACW game as a sideline to my 20mm WW2 and I love the Samurai.

  2. AS your polls currently show a lot of wargamers have way too many minis in way too many periods :-)

  3. So many projects, so little time!
    That's the problem I have anyway... :0)

  4. I can relate to several of your comments but I am still going to complete my Mycenaean army.



  5. Thanks Guys for the comments.:-)


    I hear you man.


    Not trying to dissuade you mate, but just been my experience in this neck of the woods. I'm enjoying following your progress on your Trojans as I obviously like the army!:-)


  6. Know what you mean about space, unfortunately having looked again at your fantastic Trojans that's another army added to my list!!!

  7. I just wish I could actually finish a project, I've got 3 on the go at the moment and others which are still not finished that I've not touched for years. Will these problems ever get solved?? I think you all know the answer to that!!

  8. Sounds like the completion of your hobby room is keeping you centred and on the right path ;0)

    I have found myself becoming more focused since my own hobby room has taken shape.

    I have been going through my stuff and deciding what I really will never need (or want to do), what I may do and what I really would like to do.

    I will be dealing with the results over the next year. I can see myself shifting a whole lot of Figures and kits over the coming year.

    Naps still come out on top, My zombies are still up there and so is my 10mm ACW.
    My WW2 stuff (I have far too many).


  9. You raise a good point, and one that all of us who are gamers and not just collectors/painters, need to be very aware of.
    I too have got armies part done (ECW), or finished yet virtually unused (Medieval + Early Germans), due to lack of local opponents, or projects that were started then I or the other player moved...
    It was then that I thought bollox, I'm just going to do LotR from now on, as I figured I like all sides and can always play with my young son... but even now I've crept back into a range of periods stirred up by rules I like (Black Powder)and the possibility of local players being available... and now WW2 with FoW is getting a good playing thanks to an experienced player moved to area, and others interested in learning to play... so at the end of the day the lead or plastic mountain continues to grow!

  10. Thanks for the comment.

    Virtually my gaming life's story and what's worse is half the projects I have managed to finish are the ones that are now useless!!


    Exactly the same with me with a total look at what I want and don't want. Already started the shifting.

    And grows..and grows........!!!!


  11. As soon as you set up your room one way you tend to go that way...I often wanted to get into other periods, but I've stayed with the Civil War because 90% of my room will be Civil war.

  12. Actually Since coming back from Scotland - I have only gamed ONCE in 6 months. Sold off a Brigade plus of old Minifig Prussian Napoleonics 25mm. I find myself losing interest in the Hobby as a whole.

  13. @Captain

    I too like ACW the most, but to be so dedicated to one period is something I could never do. However, I find it very interesting and at times admirable to others dedications of one period.


    That's sad to hear, I hope you find the inspiration to continue.


  14. Good luck with your focus. You're not alone owning useless armies as many would agree. At least I have some quite large ones that I played with only once.
    Just spent a year ACW only and it was good fun, esp since most of our club did the same. Now on to some smaller projects and finishing some armies I started.

  15. Thanks Micheal, I'm going to need it and good luck on finishing your other projects!


  16. The 'useless' armies you've got aren't useless, just usefully challenged. A good collection is a nice thing whether used or not and you can get pleasure from collecting and painting etc for it's own sake. My penny worth anyway. The periods your looking at focusing on, bar the medievals, are the biggies in the hobby, ACW, Naps and WWII. Always going to find opponents for these, but good luck with the plan anyway. Look forward to seeing some Crusaders.



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