Monday, December 12, 2011

2nd Annual Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting challenge

I really enjoyed following Curt's Painting challenge last year on his very nice blog which you should visit if you have not. So, when he opened up a second Painting Challenge I jumped on aboard to enjoy being part of something different within our community. All the rules and guidelines can be found within the link by simply clicking the picture. I don't know if he's taking more entries, but it's fun to follow even if your not in the competition which I found out last year.
I don't have a hope of placing as I'm not the most prolific of painters, but I am hoping it does spur me on to get more figures painted then I normally do and more importantly just to be apart of it and enjoy watching what other folks do....oh.... and watch Fran and Ray banter each other!
I'm not sure what I will start with as my mood changes like the breeze, but I do have some prospects in mind with Samurai, Arabs or ACW being likely, but by no means certain!
It all kicks off on the 20th and so visit Curt's blog and give him some support as he will have his work cut out for him of which I have no envy! Now I need to pick out a Viking......and the sock of cash for bribes...errrr expenses that is.:-)


  1. Good luck! You might be a slow painter,however you are a good one(:



  2. No bloody bribes especially as I didn't think of it first, we'll have no Ray shenanigans happening on this blog either!

  3. I'm shocked..what bribe? :-0 I just going to wrap the Viking in some bills to cover his pain and suffering at having to wait for it. Would you deny a man his peace of mind?


  4. Bribes - it's an ugly word when you use it in terms of attempting to co-opt Curt's pristine competition. I suspect the mere mention of something like that make have given him the vapors.

    Of course, when I use term, I prefer to describe it as "currency persuasion therapy" which sounds almost like sound medical advice. Of course it's also the only chance I have to win this competition

    Good luck and, more importantly, have fun with the challenge


  5. Ahh yes Miles that it "currency persuasion therapy"! and just like you my only chance!(LoL!)

    Good luck to everyone!:-)


  6. My cheque is as we speak flying over the Atlantic, £10 can buy you lots of extra points!!!!!
    Good Luck!!!

  7. Oooh, bribes... Er, yes, you're right, completely scandalous. No, really, its OUT-RAGEOUS!

    I also have a Paypal account in case you want to use a credit card.

    Y'know, just sayin'...


    Best of luck to all of you! Now, get back to priming those figures.


  8. Rest assured that you will not end at the bottom of the list. I have made reservations. Now back to priming another 100 figs

  9. @Ray

    Only 10 you miser,heh, heh I'm a shoe in as I've added another 0!

    ..Oh PayPal now that would be easier....errr to support your blog that is of course.. ahem.. and nothing at all to do with the competition.;-)

    You'll have to work hard to take my bottom slot.




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