Friday, March 18, 2011

US Airborne Squad 1

This is my first squad for my US Airborne Disposable Heroes project. They are Artizan miniatures and very fun to paint as is the case with all Artizan miniatures.
The goal was to get a platoon painted up and playing in a short time and so I used army painter. However, please remember I added a couple of highlights to these and so they are in effect fully painted miniatures.I skipped adding any identifying patches as that would add quite a bit of time to the painting process.
I went with the early paratroop uniform that was used right up to D-Day as I like the light shade and varying tones to include the patches at the joints. This was because the material was quite thin and so the para's added extra padding to the parts that wear and tear the quickest.
I'm pretty happy with the results and I hope you like them too.
Thank you as always for viewing.
Miniature Company- Artizan Designs

Sargeant with M1 Carbine and Troopers with M1 Garand's part of Rifle Section

Troopers with M1 Garand's(one will get replaced with a BAR in the future) part of Rifle Section

LGM section to include Corporal with Thomson, Trooper,LMG .30 cal gunner, Assistant Gunner


  1. Great painting, they're very nicley done!!

  2. Really good painting. Great looking unit.

  3. They look great, looking forward to their buddies...

  4. Superb painting. The base work is lovely as well. Any chance of a close-up?


  5. Very, very nice, those artisan figures make for a lovely paint.

  6. Great job - I really like the shading. How big will your force be?

  7. You have a talent sir. Some of the basing flock used looks like it has 'flowers' on it where can we get this?

  8. Excellent painting, truly brings them to life.

  9. Cool!!! I like the way you use the army painter, may be you´ll become a second Saxon Dog (miniature-output wise I mean)

  10. These are perfectly nice Christopher. The adding of highlights to the dipped figures makes them really pop and the bases are cool too!


  11. Lovely brushwork Chris,


  12. @ Everyone

    Thank you!!!!:-)


    Hard to say, but DH runs at around 50 figures and a few vehicles.

    @Zombie Ad

    The bushes, tall grass and flowers
    are a mix of Green Line, Mini Natur and Heki.

    @Lt. Hazel

    I hope so!:-)


  13. Thanks Christopher. Will look those companies up, much appreciated Sir.