Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zombies # 3, 4, 5 , 6,7 & 8

I haven't posted a little bit, but I have been painting. Here are some more all purpose walking dead for our survivor's to deal with. These two zombies are my attempt at doing black skin tones after they become a zombie. As you can see the bald zombie is the exact same miniature as a previous zombie, because Hasselfree didn't have another zombie I asked for and so sent me a double. I thought his features looked equally good as a black or white zombie and decided to do one of each.

This zombie is another attempt at doing a green tone to the flesh on a bit more greener then before. I call him the Frankenstein zombie as that's what it reminds me of.

This one here is a zombie with a pale blueish tone to the skin. I still need to do more work on this as it's come out a bit too blue, but hey it's a zombie and so getting his tones right isn't exact and is flexible for the painter. Also, added a bit of weathering to his clothes as suggested by Doc for darker clothing.

Help! Police!....Wait a sec I changed my mind!
These two police officers are not Hasselfree miniatures, but rather Cold Wars. The sculpts are not as good as Hasselfree with the proportions needing some work for sure, but they do have character and the company has a large selection to choose from which is a bonus.

All in all not the best work I've of done, but I admit painting zombies isn't my thing as I like painting the survivor's. Well, that's my sorry excuse. :-)
More zombies coming at a later date.
I hope your enjoying them and thank you for viewing. :-)
Miniature Company- Hasselfree Miniatures/ Cold Wars


  1. Yeah! I like them a lot, Christopher! Even those two here and there rather crude Cold War zombies look amazing with your brushwork. I really like the black skin tone as well as the blue-ish one. The blue one looks a bit like a corpse that has been in one of those cold shelves of a mortuary in a while. The green tone looks a bit too yellowish green, but that might be the photo. Still, I like it a lot. Maybe you could go a bit darker with it though and make it look a bit mouldier in a sense. I was thinking of using some mixture of Catachan Green and GW Desert Yellow should I ever do any zombies.

    But these are suggestions for already amazing looking miniatures, which don't really need any change at all. Beautiful work, Christopher!

  2. Very nice painting job!! I like specially the second "black skin" zombie.


  3. Not a zombie guy myself but I like the painting on those. They look scary! Good job.

  4. Hi Christopher,
    Very cool zombies. How many are you planning on painting?

    The pale blue style reminds me of the original dawn of the dead zombies. Whatever shade you paint them they will be great!
    With Angrey L and yourself doing Zombies at the moment it's giving me an itch to get my own out.

  5. Those are excellent especially the first one, lovely painting and finishing.

  6. Fantastic work, superb inspiration, thank you.

  7. Loverly painting. I like the last two, the Police Officers. The bloodstains are very well done. I also like the fact they have great big bite marks out of them!

  8. Spectacular. No one does blood/gore as good as you. When I decided to paint a heavily-wounded something or other, I'll be coming here for advice.

  9. Thank you everyone for your support!!!!

    Thank you Doc as I always appreciate good advice. :-)

    I'm not sure how many I'll paint. The zombie project was only ever intended for some light gaming, fun and something different to paint.The main attraction for me was painting some of the Hasselfree survivors. However, I will paint some more as I do want to paint a few of those Studio Miniature zombies.
    We are having a game this Saturday using terrain at hand to try some rules out and if we have some fun then I'm sure that will influence me to do more. I'm primarily into historical miniatures, but as you can see I like to stray from time to time.

    Thank you, and I'll try and do a short how to sometime when I get some time on the blood and gore.


    March 4, 2011 8:06 AM

  10. Weeell, don't call it "good" or "advice" so fast. :) Just rambling along! ;)

    And I did forget to mention as well... You are the master of gore! Great blood effect.

  11. these look like normal supermarket people to be honest lol well done

  12. Ouch! I hope the people at your local supermarket do see your comment!(LoL!)




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