Friday, July 30, 2010

Fallschirmjäger test figure #3 in Sumpfmuster 43(Marsh Pattern)

This Fallschirmjäger is also wearing Sumpfmuster(Marsh Pattern)although of an earlier date(43').The pattern base is a bit lighter then the 44' version.Another interesting point is the Luftwaffe blue trousers which is a bone of contention and some controversy among historians.Many site that the Fallschirmjäger were never issued this type of trousers although others contend they were.I decided to include them as the Fallschirmjäger's regiments were at times filled out by other Luftwaffe ranks(either as support or processed and trained) that did include blue trousers and also of course the variety it offers in painting the platoon.
He is also wearing a camouflaged helmet cover in the splinter pattern as the marsh pattern was not produced or at least not issued for helmet covers.In addition he is wearing gaiters,but often these were removed for comfort.
This particular Jäger is carrying the much feared MG 42 that was a highly successful machine gun which was easy to transport due to it's relatively light weight in relation to it's size. When firing it had quite a distinct sound like a saw due to it's extreme rapid rate of fire at around 1200 to 1500 rounds a minute!This high rate of fire was both positive and negative in that on the positive side fire superiority could be achieved,but to maintain this was costly in terms of ammunition and over heating barrels.Many veteran gunners learned to control the bursts and were able to get the best results from this fearsome piece of equipment.
I need to do one more test figure and then I'll start painting them in groups of 3 or 4 which is a small amount,but I think best due to the complexity of painting these type of troops.(Complex for me at least)On to the next Jäger!:-)
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  1. They all look pretty damn good, although Im a sucker for the splinter pattern. Problem is it might be too effective and not stand out on the table as prominently as two and three. Do you go for effective camouflage or decent visibility? They all look fantastic either way.


  2. Great looking figures!


  3. Thank you guys!:-)

    My test figures are not to decide which camouflage pattern I will be using,because I will be using all of them,but rather working out the colors and seeing if I'm getting it right.


  4. Again, very cool, Christopher! but I think the eagle on his chest isn't historical accurate, as I have never seend an eagle on a camo pattern. I think if an eagle is on the miniature, it should be the regular field grey uniform. An eagle would be the very opposite of an camo, don't you think so?


  5. Hello Stephan,

    Glad you like it!:-)

    Indeed they did wear a white eagle on their right breast and included rank on their left sleeve which is all they wore on their smocks unless on parade where shoulder boards were added.The eagle on the model is bigger then it actually was and this could be giving the impression of impracticability.There are numerous examples of photo's with the eagle on the breast.Please do not base your opinion on modern drawings and replica uniforms where often this is omitted for legal reasons(Germany) and/or to better camouflage themselves.
    I recommend you study the historical black and whites where it is often shown.Of course some smocks did not have them as some soldiers removed them or darkened them in themselves.I like the extra identification as Fallschirmjäger it adds to the figure and so I choose to leave it on.:-)


  6. Great camo paint job - the Luftwaffe eagle is also impressively done. Regards, Dean

  7. Christopher - these figures are fantastic. You've really nailed how to paint the various camoflague schemes - truly excellent painting!

    Best wishes


  8. Sorry I missed this post Chris, but I must say that this is the better miniature. The swamp camo is fantastic.

    Great work,


  9. Thank you Folks!I really do appreciate the support and the time you take to put in your opinions.:-)

    Best Regards,




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