Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fallschirmjäger test figure #2 in Sumpfmuster 44(Marsh Pattern)

This is my second Fallschirmjäger figure,but this time in Sumpfmuster 44(Marsh/Water pattern) which tends to look more brownish then the Splinter pattern.Also,the camouflage pattern is more rounded and softer in apperance.Like I mentioned before I also wanted to try out the tropical pants to show a veteran of the Italian campaigns who hasn't had time,availibilty or the desire to get some fatigues in field grey just yet.I added more scratches to the painted metal and I hope it looks right.
I plan to mix up my entire platoon in various stages of fallschirmjäger dress from the period of the Italian campaigns up to Market garden.This is for several reasons in that I think it was quite likely they did appear mixed as from personal experience as an ex-soldier I know supply can be late in getting replacement uniforms and couple that with the soldiers desire to keep his best uniform in his duffel bag for inspections and his older stuff for field operations leads me to suspect I'm not far off the mark.....hopefully.
My second reason is versality in that I can use the platoon for campaigns in both Normandy and Italy.
Lastly and probably my biggest reason is I enjoy painting several types and mixing and matching them which in turn will of course have me searching for any excuse I can find to paint them how I want!:-)
My next test Fallschirmjäger I'll do in another marsh pattern,but an earlier version that has a lighter camo pattern then the one above.Once that is finished I think I'll have worked out my camoflage patterns for the platoon and therefore able to do more then one at a time.
Miniature Company-Artizan Designs


  1. Hi Chris,

    Lovely work on the swamp pattern.

    The darker vertical tear drops look great, well done.


  2. A most excellent paintjob. Great work on the pants.

  3. Excellent paintjob Chris! Camo is a bit tricky, but yours is great!

  4. Hi Christopher,

    doh, how could I over-see the last updates? I am very sorry, as I really like those Fallschirmjägers, a very nice look. But this looks like a 3-4 layer painting-monster, so no dip? Or did I over-read a line?

    And another queston: Why do you use Artizan? I think, BAM miniatures are much more realistic, and I thought you are a friend of realismn (or prefer smaller rifles and gear etc.)?

    Also, I do prefer the Sumpfmuster, but it's much harder too paint those soften edges as the Splittermuster (as you still should see some edges but all very smooth and so on.).

    I also like the DAK trousers :D
    Looking forward to the first squad!


  5. Thank you everyone for the very kind words of support!!:-)

    Stephan your absolutely correct in that these are not dipped.It's a combination of layer painting and blends that I used to achieve the look I'm after.

    I use Artizan because it's my favorite WWII miniatures largely because I really like the character in the miniatures.
    I'm a friend of quality miniatures and not just ultra realism although realism of course is important it's just one factor I consider in miniatures and the other is character and how it grabs my imagination.Although I do think BAM are nice,I just prefer Artizan more is all in regards to WWII.However,you can bet I'll pick up some of the BAM vehicles!!:-)


  6. man your painting is looking great the camo looks amazing



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