Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meeting House

I imagine Giles is looking at this building and thinking something looks very familiar.:-)Indeed he would be correct!I based this meeting house heavily on his Old Kennett Meeting House with a few changes of my own.
I really liked the Old Kennett Meeting House he has in his blog,but not the price he paid for it.No doubt it's worth it,but I don't want to pay a large sum of money for terrain.So,my only answer was.........build it myself!:-)
It took some time to do as I made it out of balsa wood,foam card and just plain cereal box card,modeling knife,ruler,and pencil for stenciling .Overall,I'm pleased with the result and I plan on doing some more buildings.
I like the idea of a meeting house on the table as this reminds you were they gather to discuss the revolution and adds to the atmosphere.
Outside the Mayor greets the porter in an enthusiastic cheer as he brings much needed ammo and supplies to the local militia.
Buildings:My own
Miniature Company:Perry Miniatures


  1. Stunning work, as I've said on Sweetwater as well. Nice to see some more photos here. That house is great, inspirational work, Christopher.

  2. Very nice! I should say that £65 in the UK isn't a huge amount for hand-made terrain, especially for someone like me who has no skill whatsoever at building terrain! It's nice to have authentic models based on real-life buildings, I think - as well as a neat model, you now have a piece of the Brandywine battlefield!

    Best wishes


  3. Ty Guys.:-)

    Giles 65 pounds for terrain is too steep for me and I'd rather just do it myself.However,if your happy then that's all that matters.
    I've seen your talent for painting and some conversion work you have done and I'm sure you could make your own very nice terrain.It just requires more time and patience then painting a miniature.
    While it's true it's designed for Brandywine,it will exhibit a supernatural ability to jump from battlefield to battlefield and rumors are there will be a sighting of it in Charleston for the Battle of Bunker Hill.:-)


  4. I'm thinking of a church next,but I'm a bit nervous about trying



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