Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This is the start of my civilian collection for scenery.I've been admiring these miniatures from the Perry's for sometime and now I've had a chance to paint a couple.The first is what I believe is a patriotic older gentlemen/mayor waving the marching troops on to victory or he could just be giving an enthusiastic greeting.
The second is a two wheeled tumbrel used to transport supplies and/or ammunition.
These models(like all Perry)have been a lot of fun to paint and I'm looking forward to doing some more.
Miniature Company:Perry Miniatures



  1. Love it"! But can you do me A solferino house of 1859.Or show how you do it.I'm wargaming that period.And I'm bringing out my own pieces.

  2. TY,I'm glad you like it.:-)I do not have any plans Solferino house of 1859.
    I built this using foam card,balsa wood,cereal box card,ruler,modeling knife,and a pencil for stenciling.
    If you want a step by step process on how then try this book out:


    It's designed for fantasy,but will also work equally well for historical.




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