Friday, September 4, 2009

Virgina Rifles

The Virgina Rifles are my new addition to this thread.These Perry Riflemen are perhaps my favorite of their entire range.(obvious by number of pictures LoL) I hope I managed to do these wonderful mini's some justice. The base size and type of troop allowed me to add a bit more to the bases and was a lot of fun. I also added a little bit of an American Indian flavor here and there to belts,haversacks and bands as they often did.
The bases are even more wet then some others,but I like the effect.
Riflemen were feared by the English officers as many of these fellows were very good shots and would try and pick them off.They countered the riflemen by closing the distance as quick as possible with bayonets.The long rifle was incapable of having a bayonet attached and would put riflemen at a severe disadvantage at close quarters. This tactic worked until the Americans began supporting riflemen with regulars armed with bayonets.
Miniature Company:Perry

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