Friday, September 4, 2009

Gaming the American War of Independence to include army concept


Hello Everyone,
One day I was looking through the Perry miniatures and decided to have a look at their AWI range and I really was impressed with what I saw!I then came upon Giles Blog and that was it and I was hooked!
I decided I wanted to try and model my army after a certain battle.Of course I wouldn't use my miniatures for only this battle,but I wanted a focal point.I chose the battle at Guilford Courthouse as it both offers a wide range of unit types to choose from,and it also allows for a bit of freedom to interpret my army painting scheme to include uniforms and basing.
I've started with the Americans first and will someday progress to the British.The nice thing is that I have quite a lot of leeway with the Americans as most the units are not well documented and therefore offer freedom of expression to interpret uniforms as I see fit with regards to the time frame of the engagement.
Another point is the day was described as cool and wet,but not freezing.Again.this is nice because I can use my base tones dark which I prefer and I added a personal touch with some pools of water.Perhaps the day wasn't as wet as I chose to depict,but I think the overall effect and artistic license I took paid off in the end without stretching things to much.(For me at least)


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