Sunday, January 3, 2021


One of the great things about Infamy! Infamy' rules is the inclusion of  ambush markers which allows Barbarians to deploy onto the table by springing ambushes on the Romans in addition to normal deployment zones. These can be represented however you wish from a simple penny marker to a dioramic type base marker. I feel it's a perfect opportunity to let your imagination run a bit and come up with scenic bases to enhance the look of the table.

I really had quite some fun doing these markers as it gave me a chance to explore the different looks you may encounter a various Germans that might get a little lost within units but are easy to see a single base.

One thing I like to use in my basing is real material so all the rocks and fallen logs are straight from the woods/backyard and then further enhanced with paints and basing material if needed to age them for example. The banner I wanted to look a bit crude but not overly so and on some of the more feral Germans I played on that by adding black charcoal stripes.

I was inspired by one of the markers in the rulebook with the priestess praying to a sacrificial white horsehead, but I felt it needed a something to offer the sacrifice to so I decided a large rock with a earth mother type symbol painted on it would do the trick so I rummaged around the rocks a bit until I found one I felt would fit the bill nicely. Needless to say it's quite heavy!

Another interesting marker for the Germans is the wailing women which is a marker the German player can place behind his units as a rally point. Historically it seems some Germanic women would often go behind the fighting lines to stiffen the men's resolve by reminding them what would happen to the women if they were taken prisoner and what the men could lose and would even remove clothing to further drive the point home so to speak.

More on the way and probably some Romans this time! First post of 2021 and hopefully a more productive year then last.....well hopefully a better year for all of us and a Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. Lovely brushwork and marvelous terrain work, Christopher.

  2. Absolutely stunning Christopher!

  3. Excellent paintjob and scenery !!


  4. Those are simply wonderful Christopher!

  5. Wonderful painting, basing and photography with these Christopher.
    Best wishes for 2021

  6. These are amazing. The details on your bases are remarkable and really set-off your superb painting.
    Regards, James