Sunday, January 12, 2020

Return of the Green Devil Fallschirmjäger project

I've re-fired up my Fallschirmjäger Green Devils for Normandy project for future CoC games. I started this project along time ago for Disposable Hero's, but stopped as 28mm WWII gaming hit a lull. Then a few years later WWII 28mm gaming picked up again with Bolt Action followed by CoC, but by that time my friend Nick was already doing Fallschirmjäger so I decided instead to concentrate on my US Airborne as opposition. Well I finished most my Airborne with just a few odds and ends to do so decided to rekindle the Fallschirmjäger project. This partly is because nobody in my club has them or for Big CoC with a large FJ force, but mostly because I just really have always liked them and want to have my own force of them.

I kind of forgot what a painting challenge late war Fallschirmjäger can be! They kind of have a little of everything with different colored smocks to include the early version, later Sumpmuster and Splinter camo plus various different shades of pants helmets and gear One thing for sure they are not boring! Even using some AP does not speed up the process much because you still have to go back and add all the detail and highlights(well I do) but it does give a nice protective coating at least. While they take along time to paint the result is worth it, but might slow my production down for the challenge, but I'll still push to make my set point goal.

I painted these using Vallejo paints and some Mig pigments for the base. While I prefer Foundry paints for Horse and Musket periods and earlier I find for later periods that Vallejo works the best.  I went with Artizan and Crusader Fallschirmjäger as I really enjoy painting those figures, but will add some Warlord here and there to help fill in holes later.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Artizan, Crusader


  1. They look fabulous Chris! With some luck I might have just bought some second hand Crusader Brits to pit against them 😉

  2. Fabulous brushwork Chris, I do like playing with Fallschirmjäger but not a fan of painting them.

    All the best with your plans and projects 2020


    1. I’m with you, Matt! If I could paint Christopher, I might change my mind.

  3. Brilliant. Always liked the Fallschirmjager uniforms. Gives you plenty of freedom

  4. Wow! These marvellous Christopher.

  5. Great looking fallshirmjager, Christopher.

  6. Beautiful work on these Fallschirmjäger Christopher!