Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fanatic Warriors

I've been a little under the weather lately, but I managed to finish these two stands of Fanatic Warriors for my Ayyubid 15mm Muslim Crusades army.
There were two approaches I could have used in designing these troops. The first could have been a group of warriors in different clothes, weapons and shields to look like the faithful hastily gathered together from different parts to fight the invading Franks. The second option and the one I decided to go with was a more serious and slightly sinister looking discipled  formation of warriors dedicated to crushing the infidels who invaded their holy land. They look much harder then their profile really is in the list, but hopefully they will intimate my opponent enough!:-)
In going with the black I insured to add plenty of colour to the sashes and shields to keep them tied in with the rest of my rather colourful army and so I hope it worked.
The figures are legio Heroica which as I said before are some of the best 15mm out there, but if I did have one small critique I'd say some of the figures can be a bit static, but the sculpting detail more then make up for it. The paints I used were mostly Foundry with some Vallejo and the flag is from LBM.
Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Legio Heroica


  1. The black has certainly given them the intimidating unit look like Ben Yusef's Black Guard, lovely work!

  2. Very nice!! I like the main black colour and the colourful detail on the shields.


  3. This is excellent work Christopher. Really like the look of the shields against the black clothing.

  4. Very nice !!!!

    The Legio Heroica minis are realy good. tempting to get some...

    Best regards dalauppror

  5. Excellent painting Christoper. They do look like Almoravid Black Guard.

  6. Nice job Chris, I thought they were 28mm till I read the post! I like the black - they look sinister and menacing.

  7. Very nice Chris, great looking 15mm, like Masmuda Tribesmen. Great looking units.

  8. Those look excellent, very menacing in black

  9. @Everyone

    Thanky you!!

    @Angry & Cyrus

    Indeed they do look very similar to the Moors Black Guard(partly inspired by them), but sadly are not near as tough as them! Perhaps they are hoping the Franks mistake them for Ben Yusef's boys!;-)
    As a side note I'm quite fond of doing a Moorish army as I already have a Christain El Cid army in 28mm and truth be told actually prefer the long robed and face covered Moors over the Arabs.


  10. They look great in black and it makes a great counterpoint to the shields and sashes. Oh, and they do look menacing!

  11. Awesome work! I always baulk when having to use black on uniforms; worried about hoe to shade and highlight. These, however, with the addition of the colourful sashes and sheds just look superb!

  12. Top notch again. So looking forward seeing this on a table as well.



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