Thursday, May 26, 2011

GMB Designs

Well I just got my first 20 or so packs of GMB designs flags for my ACW project and let me say they are stunningly beautiful flags and well worth the 3.75€ I paid for each pack. Yes, they are expensive, but for their quality I really don't mind paying the price as they are easily worth that in my opinion. No question they live up to and exceed the hype. They will be my go to flags of the future for sure. Here's the link:

Also on the hobby front I just placed an order from a company I stopped buying from directly years ago, that being........Wargames Foundry. Up until just this order I've been buying my Foundry stuff from other retailers, Forums or e-bay.
Many may ask why did you break your wallet this time? They answer is they finally pitched a deal I could accept in which I got 30% off a discontinued series with a further 20% off of figures online rebate giving a total of 50% off! I bought the "Dashing Confederate cavalry regiment" that I've had my eye on for awhile as I really like the figures. I also really like Foundry's detail brushes, but never wanted to pay their ridiculous P&P charges for items under 70pounds! Since buying the regiment at such a reduced cost still put my order at free shipping I treated myself to the brushes and some paint pots too.
This time I feel I got my moneys worth as the figures under the deal are more in line with other companies current figure prices and their brushes and paints are IMHO excellent and worth what they charge without a mark down and so don't mind paying full price on these. :-)


  1. Now and again Foundry come up with a decent deal, looks like you found one, as for GMB flags, they are some of the best flags on the market at the moment, happy painting!!

  2. I've been looking to that deal as well to beef up the cav. Too many doubles for me since I have most. Can't beat GMB, agree on that one. Happily pay for those as I like a good flag on a unit you just spend many hours painting on.

  3. That is true there are several doubles, but I plan on doing some conversion work on half of them and so each regiment I make won't have an exact double.;-)


  4. Can't wait to see the flags on your future regiments!

  5. The only way to buy Foundry, the better the flag, the better the effect.

  6. I totally agree with you about GMB. Gorgeous design and superb service. I also like your first unit. Is the basing important for the rules you use? My 1. Texas is based with 6 miniatures on a 45x40 base, and someone in the future I´ll do some more units!

  7. @Lt. Hazel

    For most systems the number of figures and size of bases isn't that important as long as they are close in size and all are basically doing the same size.

    For the Civil War in 28mm I find that 4 figures a base on a 40x40mm works the best as it seems the most flexible as the miniature count doesn't get too high, but the bases are still large enough for doing some scenic work and ease of movement.

    The systems I'll be using are:

    Guns at Gettysburg- 4 per base is perfect, but a few 3 per base and even 6 per base are also quite useful for units that are not divisible by 4 which there are a few. 6 per base works here as the system is by figure count.

    Fire and Fury- 6 per base would be difficult to use and would give you a very high miniature count due to base count and not figure count. Even my 4 per base is too much, but I'm counting each base as two bases which helps a lot and something I highly recommend you doing as well.

    IMHO 6 per base is more for Naps where the shoulder to shoulder effect is more in tune with the period appearance and is what I'll use when I do my French. However, if you like 6 per base for your ACW then that's what you should keep doing, just be prepared to paint a whole lot of figures to play games if want every unit to have 6 to a base if it's by base count and not figure count!:-0

    Great looking Texans you did btw!!!!

    I hope my answer was helpful.:-)


  8. GMB flags are great. I have mostly GMB on my units. Very nice blog by the way.

  9. Very nice flags...Bit pricey for me...and not my period..I steal all mine from Ray´s blog :-D

  10. Those GMB flags are great. You get what you pay for.



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