Friday, February 18, 2011

Palin (Zombie Survivor)

GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....Vroooooom.....Yes! It's still got gas in it!
I really like this figure as I do most all of Hasselfree miniatures. A kid with a chainsaw..... Oh dear is what comes to us parents minds, but still admittedly funny on a fantasy only basis and a must have figure. When I first looked at the miniature what came to mind was a kid in hunting clothes even if that wasn't what the designer had in mind. I've always thought it amusing when hunters put on camouflage clothes and then bright orange jackets and caps defeating the whole purpose in one go. I understand why they have the bright orange stuff is to avoid being shot by other hunters, but what I don't understand is the camouflage clothes. Maybe, it's just for their mind set.

The other thing you may have noticed is a lack of gore that would obviously come from using this shredder on zombies, but truth be told while I do think a kid with a chainsaw is a fun model and cool, I'm personally not comfortable covering children in blood and so no blood. For me the image I have is he was being chased by zombies and found this in the back of a truck just in time and happy it works as he starts the chainsaw in exultation.

More zombie stuff to follow and thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Hasselfree Miniatures


  1. Lovely figure, great paintjob especially on the yellow and the orange.Very nice sir.

  2. The orange is dead-on. What a great job!

  3. Oh my god! The zombies are going to eat Kenny!!! :-)))
    Awesome figure Chris

  4. Thank you everyone!


    LoL! Kenny never occurred to me, but now that you mention it I get it. Let's hope Palin is able to avoid Kenny's reoccurring fate!


  5. Very cute Chris,


  6. Great painting! The orange and camo look very effective.


  7. Hi cris,
    you've done (again) a very good painting-job. The figure looks really great. I like the orange colour.

  8. Another fantastic job of yours, Christopher. I really like the two facts that you a)do some non-historical 28mms now and b) that your figures are painted to such a perfect standard! Both could possibly increase the probability of a clash on some gaming table one distant day...I mean, London is a zombie infected fortress of doom these days (since I watched 28 days later and Shaun of the dead at least) - no better place for a zombie setup!



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