Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Eagles on the move

Now that I worked out the camo schemes for my Fallschirmjäger I now opted for a group shot.This represents half of my first squad with the other half still in production.
Here the obergefreiter(corporal) is overseeing the placement of the squads MG 42 .The scene is taking place somewhere in Normandy.

Corporal in Splittermuster(Splinter Pattern) & Sumpfmuster(Marsh Pattern) camouflage.

MG 42 Gunner in Sumpfmuster 43'(Marsh Pattern)

Assitant MG 42 gunner in Sumpfmuster 44'(Marsh/Water pattern)

Jäger in Splttermuster(Splinter Pattern)
More is discussed on previous posts regarding each Jägers uniform for those interested.I'm currently working on the second half of the squad add will posts results when completed.I hope some of you are enjoying this project and thanks for viewing.:-)
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  1. Lovely work Chris. I do like the way you have incorporated the two camo schemes where appropriate.

    Looking forward in seeing the remainder of the squad.


  2. Chris - haven't visited your blog as often as I'd like but have to say that the results on your Fallschirmjaeger cammies are really outstanding.

    I like your layering and blending approach and agree that it seems to work better for some figures than the army painter dip, tempting as it might be to use it. Excellent painting.


  3. Excellent work on these Christopher, they all look great :)


  4. Greetings from Old Blighty!

    Spectacular work, Christopher! I just saw it on the Sweetwater forum and was amazed! The guys look their part and a whole unit will be a sight to behold. I need to get back to my British paras as soon as I am back after seeing these.

    BTW... not very painting relevant but what company produces those trees?

    Il dottore :P

  5. @Everyone
    Thank you very much everyone!!:-)

    @Doc Phobos
    I think the firm that makes them is called Ziterdes.They make several types so make sure to view them closely before buying.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your para's!


  6. hello

    The photo of the boys on the terrain piece (Normandy) sets the seal on this painting project in my book, they simply look fantastic!

    It has been a great series of posts, any chance of details/links to the printed fabric used on the uniforms as your reference source?

    definitely get three oinks from me

  7. Outstanding painting! Going to love watching this one take shape! I'm going to be doing some of the Warlord, Plastic, WWII Germans soon. I'll need all the help and tips with the camo I can get!

  8. Blogger Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

    Thank you Folks,I really appreciate you taking the time to give me your opinions!!!!:-)

    I'd like to say there is just one magic place to get your step by step,but there is not.I worked out most of the colors myself,but I did reference Tom Weiss's outstanding Fallschirmjäger and got a couple tips from him.I suggest looking at actual smocks in the internet for your colors.The FOW color chart is also useful.I hope that is useful.

    @Saxon Dog
    You hardly need my advice Mr. Imrie,but I'll be more then happy to help you in anyway I can.Here a little tip:
    Vallejo paints is largely what I used.German camo beige was used for the base with darker tones mixed in and then built up.I used Reflective green and luftwaffe green and German camo medium brown for camo with darker greens and browns added to the base of the camo pattern to vary the tones.The drops are done in any dark green.The painting itself is done in a combination of several layers and blending from dark to light.Hope that helps.:-)


  9. Great painting!! How many time have you spent in painting one of them?

  10. Thank you!I haven't timed it(I take a lot of breaks!),but I'd guess roughly at least 4-6 hours per miniature actual painting time(possibly longer).