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I really admire wargaming modelers & painters that can keep focus on one theme at a time until complete or spend the majority of their time on one theme and only occasionally doing other things.The only time I can remain focused is if I have a deadline and/or commitment to meet,but other then that I bounce around a great deal.I know it helps to do one thing at a time,but of course I want to do it all right now!Just to give you an idea of my plans:

25/28mm (currently owned and already started or nearly complete)
-WAB Trojans-My current commitment nearly complete in terms of required size,but wish to add more in the future..
-AWI(BG)-A personal project(Guilford Courthouse) in a period I simply love to paint (Perry after all)with plans to seriously game.This is a period I plan to read more and remain a long term focused(close as I get to that) project.
-WAB Vikings-Add more Bondir,finish a longship for background,touch up all weapons,bases and armour.Also,the Norse are my favorite army in history and is a project I painted with a steady focus,but still needs more.
-WAB Praetorian Romans-Touch up re-painting
-WAB Early HYW English-Continue on with the Black Prices forces at Crecy and Poitier's.It's very challenging painting this army,but also very rewarding.
-LOTOW-It was fun building the town and making the posses and I do wish to add some figures and buildings.

25/28mm (Owned,but not started)
-WAB Assyrians-An army I like and also a way of bringing a friend into WAB2 gaming system
-F&IW-Just have to love those Indians from Conquest and it blends well with North American historical period events(AWI etc.)
-WAB Carthaginians-What's not to like about Hannibal!
-WAB Classical Greeks-Love the helmets and shield designs.
-WAB Ancient Germans-Romans need somebody to fight!Also,the models are great!!
-WAB Aztecs-Fantastic miniatures and an opportunity to explore colors!
-Blood Bowl Ogres-Mini's full of character
-WAB Samurai-A period I've always wanted to do,but can't decide the concept I want and leaves me on the fence all the time.
-DH Fallschirmjäger-Great mini's from Artizan and the camo scheme is wonderful if you get it right.I also like the background of these tough fighters.
-WHECW-Got to love all the array of muskets and pikes!It's an interesting period that seems to be growing at a pretty good pace in the gaming community.My army is will be modeled after Rupert's forces at Marston Moor,although with a few interchangeable flags the units could also pass for Parliamentarians.
-Chaos in Cairo-A pulp game set in the hollywood early and more modern mummy serials with myself using a band of Archaeologists.Collecting and painting the figure requirement is easy(10 or so figures),but creating the terrain for the game is time consuming,but very cool if pulled off.
-WAB Spartacus rebellion-Thank you Mr. Douglas for the inspiration!

25/28mm (wish list)

-Spanish Civil War-Both sides using Iron Ivan rule set.Love the figures from Empress and the period is less explored.
-Boxer Rebellion-Love to see Coppelstone or Artizan do some for this.A period of real variety.
-WAB Romano British for Age of Arthur(inspiration from Cornwell of course)
-Pulp Victorian-If a Russian company(forgot the name)makes the models easily accessible in Europe.
-Zulu War-The shields!!Rule set undecided.
-WAB Normans-Need to mount my Vikings after all!
-WAB El Cid Christian army.I really like the idea of mixing the Moorish/ European looks together.
-SOTR Germans-A chance to get creative.
-DH US Airborne-Looks,attitude and history are all very cool!
-WAB Spartans from Gorgon miniatures.
-Several others I've forgotten!(LoL!)
-WHECW Montrose Scots/Irish. as the background is great and painting highlanders would be fun!
-WAB Yorkist for WOTR with the kingmaker included.

15mm(owned and started or nearly complete)
-FOG/DBA Vikings-Not surprising I collect them.;-)
-FOG/DBA Normans-They are mounted Vikings after all!
-FOW German Panzerkompanie-Great looking tanks!
-F & F ACW-Probably my best studied period and longest owned historical miniatures.

15mm(owned,but not started)
-FOG/DBA Samurai -Same situation as Samurai in 25/28mm.
-FOW Fallschirmjäer-same as 25/28mm.
-FOW Luftwaffe Felddivision-They really got their tails kicked in the war,but I really like the colors!(LoL!)

15mm(wish list)
-FOW US Airborne(same as 25/28mm)
-FOW Finns-Fighting against the odds and a chance for a winter themed army
-Others I've forgotten

Of note,my desire to paint fantasy is and has been on the wane for quite some time with most posts of this being stuff I did quite awhile back and so this at least cuts down on my small project load!(LoL!)



  1. :S... and more projects will come, It's the wargamer curse!!

  2. "I really admire wargaming modelers & painters that can keep focus on one theme at a time until complete or spend the majority of their time on one theme and only occasionally doing other things."

    I have never met one of these people. Must be a rare breed. ;)

  3. They are rare,but I know a few:

    They do other things,but tend stay true to a primary period or completely finish one thing,before starting another.There are others,but overwhelming the majority of wargamers bounce a great deal like myself as you implied.:-)


  4. Being a junkie of all periods really sucks! Not to mention the different scales, terrain and where to store your collections.

    Your list is quite considerable an impressive an if you have the funds, time an energy, go for it.

    As I near my half century I've decided to keep my wishes as limited as possible and keep to what is realistic.



  5. Well Helen,the problem is I'm not realistic!(LoL!)I'm a dreamer.The truth is probably at least half of what I listed will either never be completed or even started.;-)Now if I was Scott MacPhee then the list would be in reach,but alas I'm mortal and likely will never complete all my wants and wishes.Your also one who has an admirable ability to limit your load and generally finish one,before moving to another.
    I can say this, that some themes will always be something I will stay with like Vikings and AWI to name just a couple.I'm over 40 myself and so with time my work load will I'm sure be reduced,but until then I'll keep plugging away.:-)


  6. Cheers Chris, I suppose what keeps some of my wishes as dreams is that the miniatures available are not up to my standard for painting and collecting. Of course I'd be in trouble if this came to fruition.

    We all have our ideas how something should look as a miniature throught he design of the artizan an I take my inspirations mainly from Richard Scollins. It is through his work that I see my love and passion for a period.

    Age of Arthur is one example of his work that had me going down that path sometime ago.



  7. "miniatures available are not up to my standard for painting and collecting"

    That's a bit surprising Helen.What exact periods are looking into as most are covered by at least one good sculptor?

    Angus McBride's illustrations and Don Troiani's military art inspire me a great deal.


  8. I sound like a complete Jackass! Sorry, not to come across that way at all. There are very good designers out there and the majority of periods are covered.

    I meant to say that I very much like active poses like Richard Scollins illustrations and perhaps my own creative mind every flowing with ideas, but I just don't see this in some of the miniatures.

    Let say for example, Front Rank with their new range covering the late 17th century. Now I love the Sedgemoor battle, but I don't think that Alec has created the active poses that I'd love to see. The grenadiers are fine, but not the musketeers etc.

    I believe the only time you would see such splendid lines of infantry not wavering about would be starting with Seven Years War perhaps a little earlier. So I'm wanting to see the less discipline lines of infantry showing facial expressions an a little more movement to provide a little character in the unit. I'm asking too much and hence may never see it.

    Warlord Games with the upcoming highlanders maybe a little different an I may use this a starting point in looking at the late 17th century.

    Sorry to go off topic Chris, but I do wish you well for the future wishes and collections.


  9. You do not sound like a jack ass Helen and are completely within your rights to like whatever miniatures you wish without implying anyone isn't doing a good job.I was just curious where the hang up was.I myself am quite picky even if my list suggests otherwise as I generally won't paint anything I don't consider quality sculpts as my interest just won't hold.;-)
    "We" did go off topic,but it's still relevant in a way and so all is well.:-)
    I'm looking forward to your next projects btw.




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