Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling a bit Savage

Hello Everyone,
I decided to add another aspect of my painting to my blog with some Fantasy material.I prefer historical nowadays,but I used to do quite a bit of fantasy awhile ago.I still like to paint fantasy miniatures from time to time as you can really let your imagination go.(I need the outlet LoL!)I'll add fantasy pictures from time to time for variety.I hope some of you enjoy them.:-)
First up is some Savage Orc boar boyz I did many years ago,but they still give me a smile when I look at them.These are old school Savage Orc boar boyz and I like them quite a lot as in my opinion they really have some character about them.I see them flying down the plain screaming their heads off and somehow managing not to fall off in the process!

Miniature Company-Citadel GW


  1. When you're feeling a bit low on Inspiration...release the Boar!!! You can't beat a nice bit of Orc. Takes me back a few years myself, great stuff!

  2. Thank you!I've had a large imagination ever since I was a kid and I have never completely grown up(hence the little models)that fantasy helps bring out.
    I prefer my historical miniature projects,but in terms of letting ones mind roam then fantasy endeavors are great for filling that in.
    Anyways,I don't need to tell you about imagination as you have enough for a bus!I'm a fan of your blog and sketches!



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