Saturday, January 2, 2010

American Colonial Church

This is my version of an American colonial church that I constructed from scratch.It's not based on any real church,but rather bits and pieces that I liked from other ones I've seen.I decided to close the church as the vicar expects nasty weather or raiders rumored to be abroad.
I felt the Bunker Hill scenario needed a church on the battlefield as that really helps add atmosphere and one is often displayed in the distance in various paintings and drawings depicting this battle.
Due to the size of the church,(I got carried away!:-)LoL!)I decided to forgo a scenic background and went for a complete blue background.
I also built and painted up some hedge stone walls(22 pieces)that are not shown,but I'll try and included a few on my next set of pics with AWI if I remember.Although building structures is challenging,fun and rewarding,I'm looking forward to painting miniatures again as that's my true passion.:-)


  1. That's a nice very piece of work. If you have the opportunity, perhaps you can describe in some future post how you made it. I've been interested in constructing some buildings myself, but haven't dared to give it a go yet.

  2. Christopher, that is an outstanding piece of work. What are the dimensions? I am having a reduced replica of Christ Church at Cambridge built and I will be very happy if it turns out as good as this model.

    Best wishes


  3. Thanks guys I appreciate the nice comments.:-)

    When I get some time,I might just do a tutorial.:-)But,you should know, there are many tutorials out there on the web using foam card,thin card and balsa wood which is what I used mostly.The procedure is very similar throughout except I tend to double board mine for extra strength.

    The dimensions are:
    Tower-12 in. tall to include belfry,and 4 1/2in. by 2 1/2in. wide.
    Building-6 1/2in high. and 6 1/2 in. wide.
    Roof-7 1/2in. wide.
    When including the base of the tower the structure is 11in. long from front to rear.
    Scenic Base-At longest point is 14in. and at the widest point is 12in.
    If your church is being made by any of the folks I've seen on your blog,then I'm sure it will at the very least be as good as mine and in all probability superior.
    I'm looking forward to seeing it!:-)


  4. Hi Chris,

    This is a beautiful church you ahve built, so well done.

    Looking forward in seeing pics of this church with your miniatures.


  5. Great work Christopher and well painted!

  6. That one is really nice and way more solid built than my wooden American frontier town church (that even lacks abell tower...). Yours look naturally a bit more New England style, I think. Great and clean work.


  7. Your church is a beauty! We have to meet at the Tactica for some talking and drinking.

  8. @Everyone
    Thank you very much for the support as sure help's keep the spirits up and one's head in the hobby!

    @Lt. Hazel

    Yes,I would really like to have a few words at TACTICA regarding our hobby.:-)


  9. That's really well done. I like that you created a story to go with it.

  10. What and awesome looking piece of work, beautiful detail great work



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