Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lord Thomas Beauchamp's Knights and Men at Arms

This is for my Early Hundred Years War English army based around the Black Princes and Lord Thomas Beauchamp's Earl of Warwick's retinues at the battles of Crecy and Poitier's.The rule system is Warhammer Ancient Battles.This Retinue is a combination of Knights and Men at Arms serving Lord Beauchamp.I couldn't find his colors for his retinue so I decided on blue and white.His personal heraldry is correct however.All the knights are actual knights that did serve in these campaign's to include Sir FitzSimon's carrying the banner of St. George and Lord Thomas Beauchamp himself in the center front leading the unit.
Ignore the standards as I need to paint some up and just photocopied these so as not to have blank poles.All the heraldry on the knights themselves however I did paint on and this does take some time,but is pleasing in the end.
Miniature Company:Wargames Foundry


  1. Those are beautifully painted figures.

  2. Thank you,glad you like them.:-)


  3. Superb work. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you I appreciate it! I wish I hadn't of sold these!:-( Oh well with the new Perry HYW it looks like I'll just need to start again.:-)




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