Friday, September 12, 2014

Back from battlefields and family

A very happy me in front of General Lee's Memorial at Gettysburg.
I just got back from vacation yesterday hence the lack of posts(not that I'm a prolific poster anyhow) and lack of comments on other blogs which I'll try and catch up on as soon as I can.

My vacation was fantastic! It consisted of two vacations the first in Pennsylvania/Maryland (battlefields) and the second in Minnesota(family). Other then seeing family which was of course a wonderful joyous occasion in itself  I also got a chance to visit the holy grail of ACW enthusiasts  that being the Gettysburg battlefield! If that wasn't enough I also visited Antietam(Sharpsburg) and Brandywine battlefields as well!! To say I was on cloud nine would be an understatement!

It's too many pictures and thoughts to put into one post so I'll be breaking them down into several posts until finished. I may do them close together or spread them out depending on energy levels.

It's great to be back and I'm super charged to get painting as one would imagine!:-)

A view from the Little Roundtop behind Gen. Warren's Statue again at Gettysburg.
My lovely wife and daughter on Burnside's bridge at Antietam.
Washington's HQ at Brandywine.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hubbardton 1777

The battlefield

With the new release of Black Powder's AWI supplement  Rebellion! I couldn't resist having a game.:-) The book is written by Stephen Jones who has a blog here. Let me just say the book is great and worth every cent! It's full of lovely pictures, nice little pocket histories and a very handy uniform guide for all nationalities involved from the start of the war to it's finish, however the real golden ticket is the scenario's included which is half the book totalling a truly impressive 19 of them!! Each scenario has it's own rules with the unit's given the appropriate special rules(if any) for that battle only which means they are not rubber stamped the same for every battle.  The AWI period did not in general feature really large armies and in fact at times often only featured hundreds instead of thousands which Stephen solved this by breaking down armies from brigades to battalions fighting as individual companies for those particular engagements, but does include many of the big battles too at the brigade level. So, standard units very in size from scenario to scenario which in effect allows you to fight what would normally be a skirmish only battle to a small engagement or conversely fight large battles without needing a huge table and a whole lot of figures. My hats off to Stephan and his team!

The battle of Hubberton was fought on 7 July 1777. The rebel commander Colonel Seth Warner(nominally) commanding a force of Continentals and some Militia  was ordered to fight a rearguard action until joining General St Clair and in the process gather up stragglers. They were pursued by General John Burgoyne's advance guard under Brigadier general Simon Frasar commanding a force of Light Infantry, Grenadiers, some regulars, Indians and loyalists who caught up with their prey near Hubberton. The rebel's managed to hold their own long enough to gather in the stragglers until the arrival of Hessian reinforcements where they were forced to basically make a run for it which they successfully did to Manchester and later joining back up with the main army at Bennington.

The scenario is a fighting withdrawal where the rebel forces need to hold on long enough for the stragglers to cross the table and escape and then afterwards extract themselves. The stragglers have a reduced movement, but the British are hampered by woods and of course the rebel rear guard which leads to an exciting race! The British are a slightly smaller force, but mostly composed of elites with special rules of "elite" and "ferocious charge" which makes rallying and then moving easier and deadly in close assault and the rebels are mostly standard troops without much in the way of special rules with exception of the stragglers being quite weak as expected. The British win a minor victory if they can capture/destroy two of three straggler units or break the rebel army and if they achieve both then a mighty victory is awarded.

On Friday my friend Sascha took command of the Crown forces and I of the Rebels and it was terrific game!  We used the house rules from Bill's blog here which work great btw! Thanks Bill! We also always use the 66% rule where all ranges and movement are reduced to 66% as we feel the ones in the rulebook are too big unless your playing on a epic size table. My table is 5ft, x 8ft., but we marked off the battle boundaries to 4ft. x 6ft. as per the scenario in the book. Also, the engagement was small in numbers so Stephen wrote it as a battalion engagement broken down into companies so two stands equalled one company which comes to 15 companies in 3 battalions for the crown and 17 companies in 3 battalions for the rebels.

The Crown forces got off to a slow start with some failed orders in the woods slowing them down, but then really picked up momentum. As expected the British came off equal at best in the fire fights where they had no advantages, but then really steam rolled the rebels in close assault crushing the forward rebel line in short order and then proceeded to advance on the main rebel battle line exchanging brief musketry fire before charging and slamming into rebel line collapsing it fairly quickly breaking two of three brigades in the end. The rebel stragglers failed to understand their orders multiple times which caused them to eventually be caught and run down! A mighty victory went to the British and a big congratulations to Sascha for fighting a great game. Well done! I'm already planning a re-match at some point!  >:-)

I'm pretty happy my collection was big enough to host a game, but I still need to do more as I eventually want to do all the scenario's!

Below are some pics of the game at my home. Still working on the lighting as my overheads while pretty bright still are not enough so I'll pick up some additional overhead lamps.

Thanks for viewing! :-)

Here they come boys!
Forward lines exchange fire
British LI roll over the Rebel forward line
And advance on the main line
Initial clash of main battle lines
Fighting is hot and the rebels are pushed back
British push into the American defensive perimeter.
Rebels falling apart and stragglers soon caught and destroyed.
Not even the rebel general can hurry the stragglers and soon after total collapse of rebel army.

Monday, August 18, 2014

11th New York "Fire Zouaves"

The 11th New York "Fire Zouaves" or Ellsworth Zouaves were organized from hand picked fire fighters from New York City in May 1861 with high expectations due to their famous commander Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth a personal friend to President Lincoln who prior to organizing the 11th NY was a celebrated drill instructor that competed in troupe championships and travelled extensively putting on presentations before the war.

In late May after both getting in minor trouble with the law and at the same time putting out local fires the regiment was among the first to set foot on confederate soil capturing Alexandria Virginia on 24 May 1861. However, Ellsworth himself was shot and killed taking down a confederate flag from atop the Marshall House inn by it's proprietor James Jackson who himself was shot and killed by    Ellsworth's guard Cpl. Francis Brownell and received the medal of honour for it. Ellsworth was replaced by Colonel Noah L. Farnham another popular officer within the regiment.

On  July 21, 1861 the regiment fought in the 1st Battle of Bull Run(first Manassas) where after a shaky start due to confusion went on to both repulse a cavalry charge from a portion of Stuart's cavalry and make 4 attempts at taking Henry House Hill and later conducting a rearguard action of the retreating Union army. The unit suffered heavy causalities including Colonel Farnham who was so seriously wounded he could no longer command troops again. With the loss of their best officers and men plus disease pretty much knocked the stuffing out of the regiment which never really recovered and finally mustered out on June 2 1862 with a couple attempts later to reorganize that never saw fruition for various reasons.

I've always liked the look of this unit which is a kind of rough and tumble bunch of Zouaves looking. I've depicted the unit in it's second uniform at the time of Bull Run which was a mix of old and new uniform's consisting of  red Kepi's w/dark blue band, red fezz's and blue tassel's, and some with tan leather leggings from their first uniform and red/white shirt's, new blue fezz's and tassel's, a few in havelocks, dark blue pants and sashes plus some Bowie style knives and rifled muskets . They had removed their coats of dark blue Zouave jacket with red cuffs and red trimming with sky blue trimming inside the red to fight in what was a very hot day.

In terms of gaming this wasn't a very practical unit to do with it's very short history, but I really liked their look and knew I had to do them! I expect I'll do that a few times more with other units.:-) Anyhow I'll use them as regular Zouaves for other games. The flags were a bit challenging as I had to use two different manufacturer's as GMB frustratedly does not produce the Fire Zouaves. Looking around I found that Flags of War does one so I put in an order. While the design is nice the trim was way to yellow so I had to paint over that and sadly,the national colours that come with it were to bright(sorry Ian) for me. Since GMB flags are bigger then Flags of War I couldn't use one of those which caused me to rummage around before I found a Body's banner flag of the same size and a suitable colour in my bit's case.....only problem it has the 24th Michigan written on it!! At this point I said screw it and promptly stuck it on and in the heat of battle I don't think it will be that noticeable.

The figures are based two to a base to be used primarily for Regimental Fire and Fury where you need a lot of bases even for the smaller actions, but I can also simply put two bases together for other systems if needed.

Certain aspects of photography I don't like doing, but find it a necessary evil to share the hobby and my passion for it. By this I mean I don't enjoy the set up, photo sizing and cleaning up portion of it, but I do enjoy the end results and sharing it on my blog. I hope to improve on my story telling and presentation in the future as I find my set ups getting stale at times, but I don't always have the time to do proper ones so I may in the future do little battlefield photo sessions when I have time to put in a decent effort.

One thing that has me in a bit of a pickle is that I'm currently doing two horse and muskets periods with AWI and ACW which are both very demanding in terms of high figure counts which always has me procrastinating which one to do a unit for next! Oh, if you haven't got the new BP Rebellion supplement and you enjoy the AWI period then this is a must have! It's really great and full of uniform guides, lovely pictures, and just stuffed full with scenario's!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Perry Miniatures

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Impetus now avaliable on Digital + my plans

Impetus here my favourite Ancients/Medieval rule set will soon be released in Digital format by Wargames Vault for those looking for a more inexpensive way to try or own the rules. The rule set will be the original version so you will need to get any errata from the Impetus web site which is of course free.

I expect the period supplements will follow at some point, but in the time being there are lists included in the book to get you started. Impetus without doubt looks better then game out there with it's approach to diorama type basing which also has the added benefit of making transportation and casualty removal much easier. The game rewards good strategic play, but with a healthy dose of chance where the game can change around which keeps players on their toes and involved. Basically, if you play good your likely to win, but it's far from guaranteed. It also has a nice new forum to visit here and where your questions are pretty quickly answered often by the author himself and a blog here.

Some samples from my El Cid army based for Impetus that I did awhile back:

So, if you were ever curious about Impetus now is the time to check it out!

On to other issues.....I'm not an especially prolific poster but even for me lately things have been pretty slow around here for the past couple months with the heat and just a general lethargy that has set in. I'm having problems focusing on any one thing and just keep starting and stopping which in effect has left me with quite a few half painted units sitting on my desk.

One issue I'm having is scale for Ancient/Medieval periods. Ancient/Medieval gaming really benefits from having multiple armies to game to keep things interesting so this poses problems.  I just can't decide if I should focus on 15/18mm or 28mm.  15/18mm is far more practical in terms storage, gaming space and quicker to finish armies making variety much more possible, but I really prefer the look of 28mm armies and games plus it's frankly more fun to paint and easier to do as my eyes get older, but of course it takes a lot longer to finish armies reducing variety and needs more storage. It's been such a conundrum for me that I really have not done nearly as much as I would have liked by now as I'm always in a state of procrastination on it!

Fortunately, I don't have this issue with horse and musket armies (which are also nice in small scales btw,) but I have solidly decided on my preferred larger 28mm awhile back ( AWI/ACW/SYW )as variety is not quite as important and fighting the same opposition does not get boring due to the historical line up. I find with these periods once you have the core forces to have a game it's only a matter of adding units at your leisure to make bigger games which is just fine with 28mm.

Skirmish goes without saying in that 28mm is ideal scale for whatever period and is pretty self explanatory so doesn't present any issues with me.

Currently working on ACW, AWI, LR, Ayyubbids, SCW etc....................... oh well the life of a gamer I suppose....


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vikings #1

I've been in the process of re-basing and touching up my large Viking collection for use in Impetus and SAGA. I've been a long time Viking player and so was delighted when SAGA hit the scene. The Vikings were my primary army for WAB and are without question the most played army I've ever owned for ancients/mediaevals. I've always liked their beards and axes aspect and their ferocious aggression in using them. Heck, even Cornwell had to make his Saxon hero an ex- Viking!:-) Oh btw, if you ever wanted to know where Axebreaker came from look at the Viking in the front holding a broken two handed axe in front of him. I imagined him hitting so hard he broke axes hence the nick name "Axebreaker" and he was the general of my Viking army.
My Viking collection is all based on single square 20mm bases which is ideal for WAB, but not good for me in regards to SAGA or Impetus the rules I now currently play. Of course I could use them on the square bases for SAGA, but I simply do not like square bases for skirmish gaming as it just looks clumsy. So, I've decided to put them on round 25mm bases for SAGA and use warbases multi- slot bases for Impetus.

There were also some other issues as I wanted to lighten up the bases, add tufts, flowers and rocks etc. I also needed to touch up the figures here and there by re-applying some highlights and repainting  a few things to suit my current tastes. Also, I used to have metal shield rims that I no longer like and re-painted them with leather rims which was more common and looks better I think. I also added some pigments to the shields and bottom of the cloaks. The figures themselves are Wargames Foundry and still after all these years rank IMHO as the best Vikings out there with the exception of Bill from Musketeer whose Jomsvikings are brillent. The flag in this case is hand painted by myself as I wanted a huge raven banner with just a single raven on it as nothing quite says Vikings as a good old raven banner. Plenty more re-worked Vikings will be coming along so please stay tuned if you like them.

I hope blogger fixes the reader problem soon!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company-Wargames Foundry

 Group 1

Group 2 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Liebster Award

Hello it seems the very fine gentlemen in the form of Mark from painting!), Burkhard from (Excellent content reports) and  Neil (nice 17/18th material) have very kindly awarded me the Liebster award. Normally this is supposed to go to those with less then 200 followers which would  normally disqualify me, but I'm happy about the oversight as it's always nice to get a nod, but more importantly it gives me a chance to point out some blogs that should get some attention that haven't been getting enough in my humble opinion. Forgive me if I'll skip the questionnaire found on other blogs except to say I do like Stars Wars over Star Trek as Jedi's are just to cool!!:-) I'll be using Michaels version of the Liebster award

1. Copy and paste the Award on your blog, remembering to link back to the blogger who has given it to you.
2. Pass on the Award to your top 5 blogs with less than 200 followers by leaving a comment on one of their posts to notify them that they have won the Award and listing them on your own blog.
3. Sit back and bask in the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you have made someone's day!
4. There is, of course, no obligation to pass this onto anyone else, but it´s nice if you take the time to do so.

Bear in mind I'm trying to mention ones that I think have not been mentioned yet and are very worthy of a visit. If I missed you remember your on my blog roll so I like what you do!
So here they are: (Excellent painting all around) (Superb SCW & Italian Wars)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Late Roman Heavy Infantry

Well finally got started on a long planned project with Nick  in the form of Western Late Romans primarily for Impetus, but also to be used for Dux Bellorum. We both are doing Late Romans and Germanic tribes together and plan on Romans vs Germanics and/or civil wars.

The Late Roman army I'm creating for this project is a mobile Roman field army(Comitatenses). I see them as very well equipped and supplied so my army will present itself somewhat uniformly in that each unit will have matching shields and colour bands and all units will have a cream tunic. However, they won't be perfectly equipped as that wasn't seen to often in this period so trousers colours and helmet shapes will have variety. I'll be building my heavy infantry units in sets of four consisting of 2 spear bases and 2 attached supporting archer units.

I want to try and finish this army in a reasonable time so I opted for AP with highlights and some lovely LBM transfers and dusted up the shields a bit with some MIG pigments. The figures are from Wargames Foundry and paint up nice and easy which is a bonus. They are of course on Impetus bases which I happen to really like btw! There are quite a few pics on this posts as I squeezed two posts into one but I wanted to show the units in their "blocks" so thanks for hanging in there.

In addition to more Romans I have some ACW on my desk as that's another project I'm doing with other group members of which two have blogs so stop by and check them out please with Sasha at and Mike at

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company- Wargames Foundry


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