Thursday, August 30, 2012

Francis De Chevert

This model is from Front Rank and is Francis De Chevert. When not playing himself I also use him as standard brigade general figure for my French army.

Like all front rank figures the miniature was an absolute joy to paint and has wonderful detail in the model. A special note going to the horse which I believe is finest I've ever had the pleasure to paint. If the other current Front Rank horses are as good as this I'll need to buy some cavalry of which I'm normally not that keen on doing!

Thanks for viewing!:-)
Miniature Company-Front Rank


  1. Great figure but even greater painting, great first name as well!!!!

  2. Beautiful work Sir, a wonderful result.

  3. Absolutely awesome Christopher. Beautiful painting and lovely photos.

  4. Greate paint job !!!

    best regards Michael

  5. Lovely paintjob and great base work.

  6. Lovely work, Christopher. Front Rank figures are so marvelously 'solid' looking. A great addition to your collection.

  7. Superb painting as always and really like the horseflesh on this one.

  8. nice work Chris, thanks for sharing.



  9. Sweet! Very well painted figure!

  10. He looks smart against that background-the colors really stand out-nice brushwork.

    I went through some of your previous posts and you have some really nice figures here. I must say, I really like the Samurai you did.

    And I read your profile and see you're an American living in Germany. I'm Irish, married to an American and living in the States. I do miss home though as I'm sure you do at times.

  11. Thank you everyone for the kind comments!:-)


    Now I wonder why that is Francis?;-)


    Yes indeed they are "solid" with very nice raised surfaces and smooth flat planes and angles making the miniatures very fun to paint.


    Hi and welcome!:-) I do like to follow Fran, Ray and yourself bantering back and forth as I find it highly entertaining!

    Thank you and I'm very pleased you enjoy some of the the things I've done and I'll be doing some more Samurai that you mentioned in particular.

    Indeed I do miss home and visit America every couple years or so. I do hope you enjoy living in America when not missing home.


  12. Francis De Chevert seems to be a really nice guy! Great paint job!

  13. I'm glad you find us entertaining as those two boys are fun to play with.

    I try to go home at least twice a year and do my best to be happy here.

  14. @Anne

    You manage twice a year! That's an excellent rotation!

    Financially(which is decent btw) and time off from work would never allow that for me.




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