Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Samurai Charging with Katanas

Next base for my Shimazu Impetus army is Samurai charging with katanas. I painted my Samurai in strong individual colours which is in contrast to my Ashigaru's more neutral uniformed look in order to distinguish them as the true elites of my army. However, I still wanted them to look like they belong to the same army and so the shimazu mon(heraldry) remained on the sashimono's(back banners) and Nobori(large Banner) and also in the same colour which I hope succeeds in tying them together.

I won't beat around the bush and will simply say these guys were flat out the hardest miniatures I've ever painted and made the Ashigaru seem like a walk in the park. That said, I'm pleased with the results and feel the time spent was really worth it. Now that I know what is required of me in terms of time needed to complete Samurai bases I really need to pick up the pace when painting Ashigaru bases to make sure I meet my goal for 300pts by September which is roughly 11 bases plus a camp.
Thanks for viewing!:-)
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  1. That´s a very nice Impetus base!! Great work (and patience;))!!


  2. Look at those armors and strings!
    I hate you... but it´s still an AWESOME work ;-)

  3. I love samurai. My favorite group were the shinsengumi

  4. Absolutely bloody awesome! I'm doing 6mm Samurai at present which take less time but you miss on the detail. I'm basing mine for POW Renaissance but the same base sizes apply for Impetus so I'll be using both rule sets.

    Yours look superb - I also like the sashimono's.


    Pat yourself on the back - great work.

  5. I also hate you. Seriously, that is tremendous work. What stood out to me was the design on left most samurai in the pink the design on the shirt - wow.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more.

    Okay, I don't hate, just envious of the skill and patience and time and ...

  6. I don't know how long these took you to paint but they have to be worth the effort. They are absolutely fantastic and have to be some of the best painted Samurai I have seen.

  7. Simply stunning! These are absolutely tremendous.

  8. Absoultely gorgeous samurais! They are even better than your Ashigaru, and I loved them. I´m really looking forward to the rest of your army!

  9. Absolutely stunning work. Bravo! You've just confirmed why my Samurai still sit as raw lead in the 'to do' drawer...

  10. Lovelu paint jobb !!!

    Realy like the intense blue in the sachimono !

    Best regards Michael

  11. Fantastic work, as always. Nice subject too, of course. Best, Dean

  12. Lovely work Chris as always.



  13. Lovely stuff. I love how colourful your units are.

  14. Lovely looking unit - great painting!

  15. Superb work Chris, just beautiful

  16. @Everyone

    Thank you very much for your super support!!

    I'm thinking of stealing your water effects idea on one of my bases.>:-)

    6mm Samurai now that would be hard!

    If you knew how long and tedious it was to do each figure I'm sure your envy would soon become a feeling of intense pity.:-)

    @Silver Whistle
    Probably too long for most sane wargamers!(LoL!)

    If your enjoying your painting sessions and feel little stress then I highly recommend leaving your Samurai in the bottom drawer.....however, since I'm an evil git I think you should start painting yours immediately as I'd like to see what you come up with!>:-)


  17. OK, these fall under the Lifetime Achievement category. There is so much to soak up when looking at these. beauties. My very last thought is, I'll never paint Samurai!

  18. Wow, wow, wow.
    Very extreme eye-candy.
    These unit looks very very good.

  19. Superb painting Christopher!

  20. Awesome painting Christopher. These guys look fantastic. Wonderful basing too and well worth the time.

  21. Very, very nice!

    My favourite is the pink one. ;-)



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