Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Green Devils of Carentan(Fallschirmjäger in 15mm)

Hello folks this is the project that has had me busy for the past couple of weeks as they are very difficult to paint.I thought 28mm Fallschirmjäger were hard......well think again Ladies and Gentlemen!I spent quite a bit of time pulling my hair,gnashing my teeth and cursing enough to make Blackbeard blush!That said I am pleased with the end result and that in itself gives you more motivation to do some more.
These are 15mm Fallschirmjäger and are based on the same unit as my 28mm Fallschirmjäger only for Flames of War.So the background is exactly the same if you want to read again up on their history.
I also painted them similar and again took some artistic license by adding Luftwaffe blue pants and helmets here and there along with Splinter pattern,Marsh pattern and the standard German Field gray.However,this time I left off the Tropical pants.Some have gaiters and others do not as was typical of late war Fallschirmjäger units.
Some of you may have noticed I also painted up a weapons canister which by this time they were no longer doing active para jumps,but I included one as it both adds to the atmosphere of being Fallschirmäjer and for a sense of completeness. 
Of course I didn't take the highlights as far as my 28mm as they are quite a bit smaller,but I still did add some for depth.Painting the drops was quite tricky,but I'm happy how it turned out.I also experimented on the metal on the weapon's by painting it in a gun metal gray that I'm very happy with and will continue to do.I've gone a bit crazy with the pics and I hope you will forgive the indulgence,but it took me forever to do and I'm feeling a bit happy at the end result.I'll be adding more to this army later,but now I have to paint up a few 28mm Japanese I promised to do.
Note on the base:The pictures are a bit brighter then real life where the models blend in more.I did this to get get a better contrast between the ground and the figures.The result is a base that looks more reddish then it actually is,although it does have a brown reddish tinge to it just not as intense.Miniature Company-Battle Front



  1. These are great and you should feel very happy with them!

    I feel your pain with these minis though, i painted a FOW NZ infantry Coy for the desert and it almost killed me and that didnt even have any camo!

    Good work

  2. Ahh, now you're speaking my language Christopher....simply superb painting. Some of the best FJ in 15mm I have seen.

    The colour used on the weapons is particularly effective: what did you use? FWIW I love the mix of LW Blue trousers, controversial as they may be. IMHO it gives a very "late war" I just like painting blue :)


  3. These are superb Christopher,
    I know what you mean with shouting at them. I painted a couple of units of late war 15mm Germans for a friend with quite a few zeltbahnes and they had the same effect on me! I have not painted a 15mm ww2 figure since :-)
    Great work, very inspiring.

  4. Thank you gentlemen!I really appreciate it.:-)


    The weapons were:
    Wood-Scorched Brown base,then bestial brown followed by bestial brown and white

    Barrels-You should know as they are your wonderful formula of German Grey with white mixed in for highlights.Thank you for the tip on the FOW forum!

    As a note I also really like the luftwaffe blue ans will use any excuse to add it in!

  5. Now... I am not really a friend of 15mm, but these are close to turning me! Beautiful work, Christopher. I also really like the base colour and might "steal" it for some of my 28mm miniatures. Had I known the recipe before, I might have given it to my Russians.

    The amount of pictures is fine... Be proud all you want. They deserve it.

  6. Fantastic work! Made me think about doing some in the future!

  7. Hi !
    I really like your green devils...
    It's a very nice paint job.
    Regards from France.

  8. Impressive!! Very clean and colorful painting!! I like them a lot.



  9. Cool work Christopher :)

    definate respect for producing this standard on 15mm figures.

  10. Now you're working in my scale, and what justice you've done them. Great basing too.

  11. Man, these are really outstanding! I´ve seen quite a few of those 15mms (which are admittedly not my scale), but yours are among the best by far. Great paintjobs and basing Christopher! Hat off...


  12. Beautiful brushwork Chris on the FJs.


  13. Gorgeous Chris! Camo on 15´s is a bit crazy, but your result looks cool! The basing is great,too.

  14. Beautiful work really admire your attention to detail and the clean finish.