Sunday, December 13, 2009

AWI Casuality and Disruption markers

British Grenadier systems works well with a few markers.They reduce record keeping and add that little bit of flavor to the battlefield.I first got the idea from Tarleton's blog(Giles)and decided I liked it a lot.Thanks Giles!:-)
First up is some causality figures that rotate as causalities are taken and removed after a complete rotation.In British Grenadier most units are 4 models to a base(some have 6)and so I decided on a triangle numbered 1 to 3 as the most practical.
The stones are used to mark a units disruption level that goes from 1 to 3 and is a special feature of British Grenadier that isn't used in the other GdB rules and really helps add the feel to the period.I've started off with 6 pieces per level.


  1. Very nice Christopher,
    The casualty markers will be a sweet bit of eye candy for your gaming table. Just wanted to add I really like your painting style.
    Paul P

  2. Nice addition, Christopher, the more as I'm myself a huge fan of 'animated' markers. Nothing more distracting from artful miniatures and terrain than coloured tokens or dice. So again, well done, sir!


  3. These are excellent. I particularly like the extra effort you put into the DP markers to ensure they match your trademark wet-weather basing. I suppose the reasons why I have never bothered with casualty markers as such as that (a) I like the casualty figures on the table to represent areas of particular combat and (2) I find it's actually not that often that units in BG take casualties, and when they do it tends to be a base at a time (e.g. Brits attempting to charge and getting volleyed at close range). But these look so good that perhaps I should follow your and Sir Godrey's example...

    Bets wishes


  4. Thanks Guys for the nice comments!:-)


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