Sunday, June 19, 2022

Indian War Party


Back with some more French and Indian Wars for my Sharp Practice collection. Some of these Indians I painted before and some of them are newly painted, but I couldn't remember which so I just decided to include them all.

For Sharp Practice Indians are classified as tribal which makes sense and are 12 man units however I'm not really sure they fought the way as written in the rules(poor shots, very aggressive). I decided to split them in two units of 6 with a leader and treat them more like light infantry which means they will be aggressive at the right moment and are decent shots basically.

Indians are a challenge to paint with the extra patterns, warpaint and flesh, but when finished are some of the coolest looking figures in the collection due to the exotic warrior look combined with colonial wear so pays off in the end imho.

The figures themselves are a mixture of Galloping Major and Redoubt which work very well together making it difficult to tell which is which unless you know the ranges well. Really fine figures to work with. Painting was the usual Foundry paints, Vallejo and MIG pigments.

Still looking to get my first French and Indian war game in.....maybe this is the year as I have enough now!

Thanks for viewing!

Miniature Company- Galloping Major, Redoubt Miniatures

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Colonial Rangers


Adding some more backlog units to the blog, but this time French and Indians wars for some more Sharp Practice. This is the first of two colonial ranger units I painted up so far. These were some of the best troops the British/Americans could put in the field due to their skill in musketry and woodsman craft and often just really knowing the land well and how to use it.

Since I quite enjoy painting natural colors especially green these were more fun then usual to paint up. Plus I really got a chance to get some contrast in there with the blue without overpowering the other colors which can happen when introducing a stronger color contrasts.

The figures themselves are from Galloping Major and just a real pleasure to paint with just the right amount of detail to give them character, but not so much you feel bogged down.

The paints I used were Foundry as usual with some Vallejo here and there. The basing was a mix of sand, stones, MiniNatur bushes and flowers and some MIG pigments for weathering. These bases are from Warbases I believe.

I think I'll post some Indians and Rangers after this so I can get up to date on my F&IW progress. Who knows maybe one day I'll get to play the collection!

Thanks for viewing!

Miniature Company- Galloping Major

Friday, May 20, 2022

Mexican Cazadores

Hello it seems I dipped out for awhile. Blogging takes more of an effort then other mediums imho so usually suffers the effects first and the longest of any mojo reduction.

I thought I would start with the last thing I did for my Texas War of Independence project with some Mexican Cazadores which are light infantry and operate much like the French Voltigures. Compared to the regular Mexican infantry which had pretty poor muskets and ammunition the Cazadores had decent muskets with some of them actually having rifled muskets making them some of the most effective infantry the Mexicans fielded. 

Painting them is also a bit different to the other line Mexicans as their uniform is a tad darker with grey pants and green/blue jackets. The figures themselves like all the Boothill miniatures are very fun to paint and I highly recommend them.

I also painted up a building to add some more terrain to the table. It's a Hovel small Spanish Church and just really fits the part. I'm a big fan of Hovel buildings as they are packed with character and are priced very nice.

I think that catches me up on my Texas War of Independence project so far, but I have some units about half painted so more to follow, however some other stuff will get posted before that I'm sure.

Thanks for viewing!

Miniature Company! Boothill Miniatures

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

New Orleans Greys

The last challenge or the challenge before that I introduced my first miniature for my Texas War of Independence project which was a mounted Texian figure and since followed it up with a Mexican regiment outside the challenge. I decided I wanted to add to the project and thought it would fit right in with the challenge and the first thing I wanted to do were the New Orleans Greys.

The Texas War of Independence project is for Sharp Practice II which I think is absolutely ideal for this period due to the small size of the forces involved. I wouldn't want to build large armies for this as there were few large engagements(That came latter in the Mexican/American War), but the opportunities for skirmish is very large indeed with raids, feats of daring, rescues, and ambushes to name few!

The New Orleans Greys were a Military Volunteer unit comprised of 2 companies (122 men) that requested permission from Texas Provincial Government to fight in Texas War of Independence which agreed and also provided some financial assistance.

They were very well equipped compared to most volunteer militia with a uniform, musket, ammunition provided and often mistaken for US regulars and attempted to conduct themselves as soldiers so were also better disciplined then most volunteers. 

Of the 122 Greys 22 of them fought and died at the Alamo with their flag being the one raised over the fort. and reportedly on display in a Mexican museum. Some claim it was the 1824 flag which of course could be a possibility, but the only flag that I know of in existence is the Greys flag. The Greys also took part in the Siege of Bexar, Goliad campaign, and San Jacinto.

The New Orleans Grey flag in Mexico City which was once a light blue has faded to cream white.

When painting the figures I wanted to have a campaign look while still looking like they were part of the same unit so I went with a darker blue grey as standard uniform and then added a couple different shades of grey into the mix to show different dyes and the effects weather can have in changing the base fabric color. I also added some tan and brown pants as replacements or civilian clothes in leu of unissued trousers. Anytime I can find an excuse to mix and match I tend to take advantage of that as I like variety in a unit.

The figures are from Boot Hill miniatures are so packed with character one can't help smiling as you paint them. Just fantastic sculpting and a real joy to paint I must say!  The colors I used were Foundry paints and a small selection of Vallejo. 

I plan on doing some more units for the project as I just need to make a few more and I could have a small game and I really just enjoy doing the figures.

That's 20 x 28mm figures for 100pts.

Thanks for viewing!

Miniature Company-Boot Hill Miniatures