I have 15/18mm Legio Heroica Feudal/Teutonic and I'm looking to trade these for Legio Heroica Crusaders. These Feudal/Teutonic figures are beautiful, but I don't think I'll be able to get them and would like to see my Crusades project finished.

I have LH Feudal/Teutonic:

FEU 04(x2)
FEU 05
FEU 06
FEU 07
FEU 10
FEU 11
FEU 12
FEU 14(x2)
FEU 17
FEU 19
FEU 20(x2)
FEU 21

15 packs total

Looking for LH Crusaders:

All Packs CRU 03 through CRU19

Will also accept other LH Crusader packs and Muslims to help make up the numbers if most packs are from what I listed.

Please Europe only.


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