Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Argentoratum tournament in France highlights

Ok been back from the WAB event in France, but for personal reasons I wasn't able to post right away. The event was quite fun and I got to meet new people and some old friendly faces which is always really nice.
The event itself included both teams and individual players. All participants played side by side and vs each other, with awards being given to the top team and top individual player. There were also awards for best painted army and most amusing player.
Three scenario's were used in which in each player wrote down which scenario he wanted to play. After being written down the players then turned over their paper and if both picked the same scenario then that was one played and if each picked a different one then the one that wasn't selected by either was the scenario played . It worked out rather nicely I think.
Since no guidelines were given or even suggested for this tournament the focus remained on results only. Because of this it should come as no surprise that armies where of the "no holds barred" type. Basically, a lot of powerhouse armies folks.
Forgive me if I blow my own horn a bit, but it wouldn't be complete story of my experience if I did not. I didn't expect my El Cid army to do very well as it was a themed army and really quite fragile . It was capable of being dangerous of course and quite quick , but very vulnerable in to missile fire , unsupported frontal assaults and a few others. However, when all the dust settled my army finished with 2 major victories,1 minor victory, 1 very,very minor victory and 1 crushing defeat which in the end and to my surprise was enough for me to win the individual tournament.:-0 To top it all off  the very talented gent over at Hobby One judged the best painted army and picked mine which I was extremely grateful! At this point I was feeling a little sheepish, but very happy of course.:-)
After all this one might think I can't wait for the next tournament, but the truth is tournaments are not really my thing any longer mainly due to the the emphasis placed almost exclusively on obtaining results which even if games are done in a friendly manner there is still an underlying tension present that is higher then non tournament games. I'm not saying I will not ever do another tournament, but let's just say if I never do another that shouldn't come as a surprise either. I much prefer campaign weekends where a period is selected and sides are made and a story of a sort is told and not just bare bones results. Basically in campaign games, each game will effect future games and your faction. I think the future of wargaming for me will pretty much stay in club games, campaign orientated long term games or weekends , demo and participation games and special events.
I'll give a brief explanation of each game. I don't remember the points and so I'll just say the result in a overall way:

Game1 vs Saxons- I actually played a nice young woman named Julie Plages. Having a woman is rare to have in wargaming and we even had another there! Fortunately, she decided not just deploy in a tight shieldwall where I would have had little hope of doing anything against, but instead went for the offence to have a fun game as she put it which allowed my faster moving cavalry to outmanoeuvre her slower moving infantry and destroy her units in a piecemeal fashion. A Major Victory.

Game2 vs Early crusaders(Normans basically)Xavier Bourdier Normans had nice mix of cavalry and infantry with some missile support. He advanced his skirmish cavalry too far forward where I was able to catch and destroy it which opened up a whole flank and pretty much had a domino effect and eventually led to his army being routed. We fought this on a winter table where the snow kept sticking to our hands which was irritating.A Major victory.

Game3 vs Lombards(?)Gregory Berva fielded this army I believe and it was probably my most exciting game which came down to my Bard leading his Caballero Hidalgos fighting his General and form of Norman knights you could say where the winner would decide the game. I passed several harrowing and lucky break tests, before I was able to bring another unit of Caballero's in his rear which wore him down and eventually broke his unit and saved my army. A minor victory.

Game4 vs Italio Normans led by Matthieu Permentier(?) Remember when I said my army had some fragility problems......well this was a prime example. If one were watching this game and decided to get a drink before we started then they would have missed the game as it was over that quick! In the scenario he was able to deploy far forward which didn't give me any wiggle room and so his general's unit carrying nice shiny lances ran over my generals unit in very short order causing the rest of my army to remember they left something in the baggage camp. Crushing defeat.

Game5 vs Bretons led by the very jovial and really fun guy Pierrick Floc'h. Here I received a taste of my own medicine in dealing with highly mobile and difficult to pin down cavalry. The game was very tactical, but still done in a easy going and friendly manner. We were unable to finish as time ran out, but since we were playing for the individual tournament winner a draw wasn't an option and since I had a few more points more then he did and so I was granted the very, very narrow win.

Here are a few pics I took of the event. They were done quickly and so not the best, but you can see a few of the players, armies and the tables.


  1. Congrats on winning the tournament!! And the best painted unit, they are exceptional figures and its no surprise that you'd get a prize for them. Some great sounding games too, nice to here of some females at the tournie as well. Very well done Sir!!!

  2. Excellent news on all fronts, I stopped tournament play a long time ago because of the downright hostility you could face but well deserved especially for the best painted unit as you have a talent.

  3. Congratualtion !!!

    Thanks for a nice AAR;)

    Best regards dalauppror

  4. Well done that man and if all generals throughout time could look back on those set of results, they would be more than happy.

  5. Lovely photos and well done Chris, outstanding.



  6. Thanks folks for the kind words.


  7. Sorry Chris, I missed this post. A bit sick last week or so. Congrats my blog friend, well done. Great photos too BTW.

  8. I know how you feel Rodger as I'm a bit under the weather myself. Must be something going around.




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